Caterpillar lip balm holder crochet pattern

Catterpillar Lip Balm Holder Keychain

Crochet Pattern

Let's make some cute & practical caterpillar lip balm holders so you can give them to your friends and family and show them you care about the well-being of their lips (lol).

You won't just be wrapping those lip balms in cozy handmade cases...

You can also attach them to keychains, purses, or backpacks for easy access to lip balm throughout the day.

Personalize these chapstick/lipstick/lip balm holders by choosing the pattern that you know your friend or family-member will appreciate.

The Caterpillar is part of a Trio of Love Bugs:

Ladybug lip balm holder crochet pattern

Printable Love Bug Jars

And add these pre-designed love bug jars for an extra personal touch.

printable mason jar outline

Printable Lip Balm Cards

You could either insert a stick of lip balm, lipstick or lip gloss or you could simply print out these Lip Balm Cards I designed so that people know right away what it is you're giving them.

Are you gifting your Lip Balm Cozy or selling it at a fair? Insert these handy display cards so that people know right away what these cozies are for.

Lip Balm Cozy Cards Printable

Let me show you how to make your very own Caterpillar lip-balm holder. Click the button below to scroll down to the FREE PATTERN or purchase the PDF Printable version. You can also buy all 3 Love Bug Lip-balm cozy patterns for a discount.

Bug Jar Printable

3 Love Bug Lip Balm Cozy Crochet Patterns

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So what do you think of this Love Bug Lip Balm cozy trio?

Love Bugs crochet patterns PDF

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Caterpillar Crochet Pattern Free

Materials Needed

  • Yarn in 4 colors - Ricorumi DK 100% cotton, 25 g (57.5 m) in dark green & light green, red and a small piece of black yarn for the mouth.
  • Crochet hook size E (3.5 mm).
  • Trimits Toy Eyes Solid Black – 6mm, Googly eyes, black fiber art beads, fabric paint or a permanent marker (see 15 worry worm eye options to choose from)
  • A darning needle
  • Stitch markers
  • A pair of scissors
  • Metal spring hook or keyring (optional)


mc = magic circle

ch = chain

sc = single crochet

hdc = half double crochet

hdc in 3rd loop = half double crochet in the third loop

st = stitch

sts = stitches

fo = fasten off

Skill Level

  • Intermediate

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13 stitches and 11 rows = 5 cm in single crochet


This lip balm holder measures approx. 3.3“ (8.5 cm) in height to the top of the head.

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Weight: 6 grams

Yardage: Approximately 14 m (15.3 yards).


- You can make the pattern larger or smaller by changing the type of yarn and/or hook size. Depending on the size of your lip balm, lipstick or lip gloss, you might want to add a few rounds of white to increase height.
- Numbers at the end of each row (in brackets) indicate the number of final stitches in that row.
- Please ensure that your lip balm is the size of the bottom of the holder after round 2.
- Insert your lip-balm, lipstick or lip gloss into the holder when you get to almost the end to see if you need to add a few rounds to adjust height.
- We’ll be working in the round, so a stitch marker is advised.
- Please note that I use US crochet terms.

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PDF Pattern To Download & Print

You may also purchase this pattern from Ravelry if you prefer.

Caterpillar Lip Balm Cozy Crochet Pattern 
PDF Printable

Caterpillar Lip Balm Cozy Crochet Pattern PDF Cover

Handmade Lip Balm Display Cards  
PDF Printable

Lip Balm Cozy Cards Printable

Caterpillar Lip Balm Holder Crochet Pattern Instructions


  • Round 1: With dark green yarn, work 6 sc into a MC. If you don’t know how to crochet a MC, start with Ch 2, then crochet 6 sc into the second chain from the hook (6).
easy crochet caterpillar pattern
small crochet caterpillar
  • Pull the tail end to close the circle. Slip st to join. Ch 1.
crochet caterpillar pattern

Note: Insert a stitch marker into the Ch 1 st of each round. The Ch 1 does not count as a stitch.

  • Round 2: 2 sc into each stitch around. Slip st to join. Ch 1 (12).
crochet caterpillar free pattern

Note: Place your lip-balm on this circle and check that it fits well inside the circle.

crochet a caterpillar
  • Round 3: hdc into each stitch around. Slip st with light green yarn to join. Ch 1. Tighten the yarn and do not cut (12).
how to crochet a caterpillar
  • Round 4: Drop dark green yarn behind your work and with the light green yarn with your hook, hdc 3rd loop into each stitch around (12).
craft and crochet caterpillar

Note: It might be easier to flip your work inside out to catch those 3rd loops easily.

  • Slip stitch with dark green to join to the first stitch of this round. Ch 1. Do not cut light green yarn (12). Pull both colors tightly.
crochet hungry caterpillar

Working into the 3rd loop of your hdc stitches will push forward the "v's" of the hdc and result in this horizontal knit-look to your lip balm holder.

  • Round 5: [With dark green on your hook, hdc into the 3rd loop of each hdc stitch around (12).
  • Sl st into the first ch1 of this round with light green yarn to join. Ch 1.
crochet caterpillar tutorial
  • Round 6: With light green on your hook, hdc into the 3rd loop of each hdc stitch around (12).
crochet caterpillar tutorial
  • Sl st into the first ch 1 of this round with dark green yarn to join. Ch 1]
hungry caterpillar crochet free pattern
  • Rounds 7 - 12: Repeat brackets [ ] of Rounds 5 & 6 until Round 12 (5 rounds).
free crochet caterpillar pattern
  • Slip stitch to join, do not cut dark green yarn & continue to hanger.
  • Leave 4" tail, cut light green yarn and weave in end.
free crochet caterpillar


  • Continuing with dark green yarn, chain 30. 
  • Leaving a 4” tail, cut your yarn and fasten off by pulling your yarn tail through the last chain.
  • Do not connect the hanger to the opposite end.
 green crochet caterpillar


Note: We will be working in continuous rounds for the head, so using a stitch marker is advised to keep track of your stitches.

  • Round 1: With red yarn, start by crocheting 6 sc into a MC. Pull your MC closed tight (6).
crochet hungry caterpillar
hungry caterpillar crochet pattern
how to crochet caterpillar
hungry caterpillar crochet pattern
caterpillar crochet pattern
  • Round 2: 2 sc into each st around (12).
 the very hungry caterpillar crochet pattern
  • Rounds 3-6: sc into each st around (12). [4 rounds]
  • Leaving a 4” tail, cut your yarn.
the very hungry caterpillar crochet
  • Remove your stitch marker & join to the first stitch of this round. Try the seamless join for a clean finished look.
very hungry caterpillar crochet
  • Weave in ends with your darning needle and cut off excess yarn.
caterpillar crochet pattern free
crochet love bug
  • Attach eyes of choice in the middle of the head between rounds 2 & 3 with one stitch in between.
love bug crochet pattern
  • Cut about 5” of black yarn and stitch on the mouth of the Caterpillar 1 stitch under the eyes.
  • To create a smile, insert your needle from back to front in the center of the mouth pulling it down a little, catch the center of the mouth then reinsert your needle back into the same stitch from front to back. Tie a knot in the back and weave in ends.
crochet love bug pattern
crochet love bugs for valentine's day
  • Another alternative would be a small mouth along 2 stitches horizontally.
valentines crochet patterns
  • Insert your hook inwards into the top of the head one stitch above the right eye and catch the green chain that's attached to the body to pull it through the top of the head. 
crochet lip balm holder keychain pattern
  • Insert your hook from the inside of the head into the top of the head one stitch above the left eye and catch the green chain that’s attached to the body and pull it inwards through the top of the head.
crochet lip balm holder pattern
  • With your darning needle, attach the end of the green chain to the opposite side of the top of the chapstick holder. Secure with a couple of stitches from inside the caterpillar's body.
crochet lip balm holder free pattern
  • You’ll be able to move the head up and down the chain to open and close the chapstick holder.
Crochet love bug
  • Attach the metal keyring to the end of your long black chain.
 love bug crochet pattern

I hope you enjoyed crocheting this cute little Caterpillar Chapstick Holder! Who are you making it for?

I’d love to hear from you!

Happy hooking!


valentine jar printable

Disclaimer: Information in this crochet pattern is given for reference only. Even though I do my best to ensure all patterns have no mistakes, occasional errors may slip through.

No liability is accepted for variations in finished projects. Please get in touch with me at [email protected] if you think there might be a mistake in the pattern or if you are unsure about how to interpret the instructions.

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You may sell any finished products that you make from this pattern. However, when selling online, please include a link back to my blog or tag me on social with handle @startcrochet 

Thank you!

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  • This is a very easy, fast pattern to make. Was my first time working in the 3rd loop of a HDC and pattern explained very well and was easy to do.

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