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Can't Crochet A Magic Circle?

If you're new to crochet, you may find yourself spending much of your spare time browsing through YouTube, searching for crochet tutorials to learn new stitches.

Sometimes, YouTube can feel like a wilderness you're navigating without a compass!

There are literally thousands of YouTube videos out there! But how do you choose the best ones without actually watching them all? ... sometimes only to find out they're not quite what you expected!

To save you time, we've put together a handy guide you can use to filter out some of the best crochet YouTube video tutorials that'll teach you a specific stitch.

What is a Magic circle or Magic Ring?

A magic circle (sometimes called magic ring, magic loop or adjustable circle) is a type of adjustable loop for starting to crochet in the round.

When you begin crocheting your round project this way, you'll be able to pull the loop tight so that you don't have a gap in the center of your project

How do you crochet a Magic Circle/Magic Ring for Beginners?

The best way to learn a new stitch is to watch someone else do it slowly and clearly in front of you.

If you don't have someone to teach you in person, YouTube videos are the next best deal.

So what makes YouTube crochet tutorials so great? You can watch the videos, repeat them several times or even slow them down as you try out the stitches for yourself.

Many beginner crocheters get frustrated when trying to figure out new stitches.  This is absolutely normal and it's important to understand that his happens to just about everyone.

The only thing that will make you advance with your crocheting skills is to just keep trying, have patience and practice, practice, practice.

If you feel you're getting too frustrated, just put down your work and come back to it later when you feel like trying again.

Once you 'get it', it'll come naturally to you and you'll be well on your way to crocheting the most amazing projects for yourself or to give as gifts to your loved ones.

You'll find it so much fun and will enjoy it immensely!

The Best YouTube Video Tutorials On How To Crochet A Magic Circle/Magic Ring

To conquer the magic circle, keep your frustration level down to a minimum and to save you a ton of time searching and navigating through YouTube to find video tutorials that are clear enough, concise enough and go straight to the point without too much chatter, I've put together a list of the top tutorials that teach you how to make a magic circle/magic ring.

The list is in alphabetical order to be fair.

If you have suggestions of great channels to add to the directory, then suggest them in the comments below.

Happy watching!

Can't Crochet A Magic Circle Start Crochet



Bella Coco: How To Crochet A Magic Circle

You can't go wrong with Bella Jayne's tutorial of how to make a magic circle.  Her video is clear and concise, slow moving with great explanation.

Time/Duration: 3:44

Terms: UK

Right Handed

Background Music: No



Blossom Crochet: Absolute Beginner Crochet Series - Magic Circle

This video also shows very clearly and slowly how to make a magic circle, although it assumes you know how to make a single crochet stitch (US)/double crochet stitch.  So if you know how to make these basic crochet stitches, then this tutorial is for you!

Time/Duration: 5:30

Terms: UK

Right Handed 

Background Music: No



Fiber Flux: Magic Ring / Magic Circle

Jennifer from Fiber Flux is a superb teacher! She patiently goes through the steps required to make a magic circle and you'll find you've mastered this technique in no time at all.

Time/Duration: 6:44

Terms: US

Right Handed

Background Music: No



MJ Carlos: Magic Ring Tutorial

MJ Carlos shows 2 different methods to create a crochet magic circle. The instructional video is easy to follow, perfect for beginners.

Time/Duration: 6:14

Terms: US

Right Handed

Background Music: Yes



Planet June: Magic Ring For Crochet (Left Handed)

June's tutorial offers clear visual and verbal instruction. This video is also NOT intended to be the first tutorial for a new crocheter; it assumes you already know how to make single crochet stitches.

Time/Duration: 3:24

Terms: US

Left Handed

Background Music: No

So now that you've figured out this neat little way of starting your crochet projects in the round without having a gap in the middle, you're ready to start crocheting some lovely gifts to give away to your loved ones!

Try one of the suggestions below, or choose a pattern for baby hats in this blog post.

And to top it off, why not print out some "Crocheted With Love" gift tags to attach to your gift? You can print them out for free!

Crochet Gift Tags
Free Printable

Crocheting a gift for a loved one? Why not personalize it with a cute gift tag? Yours FREE here. 

Free Printable Crochet Gift Tags - Start Crochet

Crochet Items You Can Crochet In The Round

  • Coasters
  • Face scrubbies
  • Blankets
  • Vests
  • Bags
  • Round jackets
  • Booties
  • Amigurumi toys
  • Mandalas
  • Baskets
  • Granny squares (where you can turn your circle into a square!)

Need Some Inspiration?

 Here are a couple of beginner crochet projects that start with magic circles/rings/loops and are worked in the round.

girls bobbly knobbly hat free crochet pattern start crochet
Fruit Coasters Free Crochet Pattern Start Crochet
Tiny Baskets Free Crochet Pattern Start Crochet
Face Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern Start Crochet
Little Textured Newborn Beanies Free Crochet Pattern Start Crochet
Crochet Beanie Hat Sizing Template (free Printable) - Start Crochet

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Want to Simplify Your Crochet Experience?

I've designed many printables you can download for FREE that'll help you with your crocheting. You'll find simple sizing templates, project trackers, free gift tags, crochet terms explained and much more. Head on over to the Start Crochet's Printables Page and download what you need. 

Free Crochet Printables - Start Crochet

Want To Improve Your Crochet Skills Fast?

The best way to start crocheting all the beautiful items you're seeing on Pinterest with minimal frustration, is to take crochet courses given by professionals. They explain in step-by-step detail everything you need to know and there are hundreds of excellent classes to choose from.

Online Crochet Classes

Crochet Basics & Beyond Course Craftsy Start Crochet

So there you have it!! You'll surely feel really proud of yourself having finally figured out the Crochet Magic Circle!!

Now go ahead and start your first project in the round (without having an ugly hole right at the start of your project!) 🙂

Happy crocheting!

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