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3 Christmas Lip-Balm Cozy 

Crochet Patterns

Are you looking for some small and practical Christmas patterns to use up your yarn scraps and turn them into mini-holiday accessories? 

Well, I have not one, not two, but THREE festive crochet patterns for you that'll make your lip balm the star of the holiday season!

Picture this: Your lip balm, snug as a bug in a crochet hug, ready to spread Christmas cheer to whoever gets one!

These lip-balm holders are minimalist, simple, cute & cozy and you can use them:

  • to stuff into your kids' Christmas stockings,
  • gift to teachers, family or friends
  • to sell at craft fairs,
  • Ad to your Christmas gifts as gift toppers
  • Keychains & handbag accessories.

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Christmas Lip Balm Cozy Keychain Patterns

I designed 3 variations of these Christmas lip-balm cozies and there's a bundle sale if you're interested. You'll get some bonus Christmas Gift Tags absolutely FREE with this bundle.

3 Christmas Lip Balm Cozy Crochet Patterns

Bundle Sale
(PDF Printable)

So what do you think of this Christmas Lip Balm cozy trio?

Lip Balm Holders Christmas Crochet Patterns

If you'd like to buy all 3 Christmas Lip Balm Cozy crochet patterns in an Ad-free PDF printable format, you can either download them from Ravelry or my online shop.

If you're looking for the FREE VERSIONS of these patterns, keep scrolling or click on the name of each one in the Table of Contents.

Lip Balm Cozy Cards Printable

1. Santa Lip-Balm Holder Crochet Pattern 

Just like Santa in the snow, your lip balm stays cozy and ready for chilly days. No more searching for it in your backpack; Santa's got it covered!

Santa lip balm cozy crochet pattern free

2. Snowman Lip-Balm Holder Crochet Pattern 

Need a present that screams "You're awesome!"? This Snowman Lip Balm Cozy is your answer. It's like giving a snowman hug in lip balm form – thoughtful, cute, and totally giftable.

Snowman lip balm cozy crochet pattern Free

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3. Gingerbread Man Lip-balm holder Crochet Pattern

It's a gingerbread-making party without the mess – just pure holiday fun! Plus, your friends will be asking for a taste of your crochet cuteness.

Gingerbread Man lip balm cozy

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4. Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas Stocking Stuffer Crochet Patterns

Are these lip-balm holders crochet beginner-friendly?

Yes, for sure! I designed these patterns with beginners in mind. Each pattern includes step-by-step instructions and uses basic stitches, making them a perfect starting point for anyone new to crochet. or you could learn the 

The single crochet stitch is used mostly. It would be great if you know how to crochet a Magic Circle, but if you don't, I've provided an easy alternative or your could learn the Magic Circle by watching the YouTube videos below. 

How to crochet a Magic Circle

You'll also learn how to increase and decrease in crochet, and I'll explain these to you step-by-step with photo instructions.

What type of yarn is best for these projects?

I used cotton DK yarn for these projects. I like how the stitches look with cotton yarn and the fact that it's not stretchy. If you can't get cotton yarn, you could also use acrylic, bamboo or a cotton blend.

The yarn weight is what's important here. You don't want to use a yarn that's too heavy/thick otherwise the lip-balm might fall out.

I'll instruct you in the pattern at what point you need to measure you lip-balm cozy to make sure your lip balm, lipstick or lip gloss will fit snug inside.

Can I customize the size of the lip-balm holders?

Yes, you can. The patterns are easily adaptable. If you want a longer cozy for a lip-gloss or a slightly shorter one for a short lipstick, you can adjust the number of rounds accordingly. Just be sure to maintain the pattern's proportions.

How long does it take to complete one lip-balm holder?

The time it takes will depend on your crochet speed and experience. On average, these cozy patterns are quick projects that you can finish in about an hour tops. If you're making several of them, you'll get faster with each one as you get the hang of it.

Can I use these lip-balm holders for anything other than lip balms?

Why not? Although I designed these cozies for lip balms, you can use them for small things like USB drives, essential oil rollers, or even as tiny gift holders. If you have any more ideas, please let me know in the comments 🙂

Are the patterns available for free, and where can I find them?

Yes, you'll find all 3 patterns for free on my blog (with ads). Just click on the button under each image and it'll take you to the individual blog post that has detailed step-by-step photo instructions to guide you through the patterns.

If you prefer a printable ad-free version of the patterns, you'll find these in my shop and on Ravelry.

How do I add extra embellishments to personalize my lip-balm holder?

You can get creative as you like 🙂 You can add buttons, beads, or appliqués to personalize your lip-balm holder.

You could add some sprinkles by stitching some colorful lines on your Gingerbread Man's Hat, for instance. This is what one of my testers did with hers. Isn't it the cutest?

Just make sure any additions are securely attached to avoid them coming off during use. 

Crochet Gingerbread Man Lip Balm Cozy with sprinkles

Copyright: Sarah Brown

Can kids make these lip-balm holders, or is it meant for adults?

These patterns are kid-friendly. With supervision, I'd say children around 10 years old and up can certainly enjoy making these festive lip-balm holders. It's a fantastic way bonding activity and they'll love the outcome.

What are some essential crochet techniques for these patterns?

Basic crochet techniques such as chain, single crochet,, slip stitch, and increasing and decreasing stitches are used in these Christmas crochet patterns.

5. Other Christmas Crochet Projects

here are more beginner-friendly Christmas crochet projects you can try. Have a look at these: 

  1. Christmas Worry Worm Patterns  
  2. Christmas ornament collection.
  3. Christmas Gift Accessories Bundle

Christmas Worry Worm Patterns

Crochet Christmas Worry Worms

Christmas Ornament Collection

These trio of crochet patterns is perfect for some last-minute Christmas decor. You can combine this simple Christmas bauble, mini Christmas ornament and cute little bell to embellish your tree or display in other unique ways.

Christmas Gift Accessories Bundle

These bundle is great to add final touches to your Christmas gifts. It includes Christmas appliques, the Elf Worry Worm + poems, 3 Tea-light candle cozies, Christmas Gift Tags, and even a DIY Gift Box template to put your little gifts inside.


How can I share my completed Christmas crochet projects with the crafting community?

You can share your creations on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest using relevant hashtags (#). You can also join online crochet forums and groups to connect with other crocheters.

If you make any of these Christmas lip-balm holders, it would be great if you could share them on these platforms, tag me with @startcrochet.

I hope you enjoyed these cute & thoughtful Christmas Lip-balm holder Crochet Patterns. What will you be using them for? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy hooking!

May 🙂

Disclaimer: Information in this crochet pattern is given for reference only. Even though I do my best to ensure all patterns have no mistakes, occasional errors may slip through.

No liability is accepted for variations in finished projects. Please get in touch with me at [email protected] if you think there might be a mistake in the pattern or if you are unsure about how to interpret the instructions.

I’d love to see your finished item, so please tag me using @startcrochet.

Please follow my accounts to see what else I’m up to and to keep in touch:


You may sell any finished products that you make from this pattern. However, when selling online, please include a link back to my blog or tag me on social with handle @startcrochet 

Thank you!

© All rights for this pattern are reserved to Start Crochet. Copies and/or reproduction, translation or reselling of this pattern is a violation of the law. 

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