Crochet Sunflower Pattern Free

Easy Sunflower Crochet Pattern (FREE)

Perfect Embellishment for
Hats, Bags & Wind Spinners

Looking for a fast & easy sunflower crochet pattern to add as an embellishment to your wind spinner, hat, bag or headband?

This sunflower is a great stash-busting project. You could use any type of yarn, really... but I used a 100% cotton for this crocheted sunflower pictured here.

Are you supporting the Ukraine and would like to hang a crocheted sunflower at your window as a symbol of hope to show support?

Flaunt your crochet skills with this super pretty, yet easy sunflower pattern that will add a summery touch to your crochet projects.

If you're a beginner crocheter, you'll find the step-by-step photo instructions helpful. You'll also find a PDF printable version of the crochet sunflower pattern that you can instantly download.

Bonus: I've designed some cute printable "I'm 100% Handmade" tags that you're welcome to download for Free & add to your crochet projects when you gift them.

I've included a few Frequently Asked Questions that concern sunflowers, but if you have any other questions, please get in touch and I'll be happy to answer them for you.

Free Crochet Sunflower Pattern

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Sunflower Crochet Pattern Free Printable

How To Crochet A Sunflower

What You’ll Learn

  • How to crochet a flat circle using the double crochet (dc) stitch.
  • How to crochet a circle in the round (joining rounds with sl st).
  • How to increase in the round to ensure your circle lays flat,
  • How to crochet into the blo (back loop only).
  • How to crochet sunflower petals using the ch (chain) stitch.
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about crochet sunflowers.

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Materials Needed

Yarn weight:

DK (12wpi)


14 - 16 yards (13 - 15 m)


Sunflower diameter:4" (10 cm)


Abbreviations Used In Pattern

  • mc = magic circle
  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • dc = double crochet
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • blo =  stitch in the back loop only
  • st = stitch
  • sts = stitches
  • fo = fasten off

Skill Level



US vs. UK Crochet Terms & Symbols
Free Printable

US vs UK Crochet Terms and Symbols - Start Crochet


15 stitches and 9 rows = 10 cm in sc

Gauge, however, is not crucial for this crochet sunflower, however, if you want a specific diameter, use a tape measure & add more rounds to your initial circle if you'd want to have a larger sunflower.


My sunflower turned out to be about 4 inches (10 cm) in diameter.

Sunflower Crochet Pattern PDF Printable

If you would like to have a PDF printable version of the sunflower pattern, you may purchase the pdf (ad-free) version for a small fee.

Instructions For Easy Crochet Sunflower (Step-by-Step)

  • With black or brown yarn, start off by tying a slip knot, then Ch 3.

  • Join to the first stitch with slip stitch (sl st) to form a circle.
Crochet Sunflower Circle - Start Crochet


Round 1

  • Ch 2 (counts as first dc), into that circle you just created, work 9 dc stitches. 
  • Join to top of first dc stitch with a sl st (10).
Coaster Crochet Pattern Free - Magic Circle

Round 2

  • ch 2 (counts as first dc).
Coaster Crochet Pattern Free - ch 2
  • dc into the same st as ch 2.
  • 2 dc into each stitch around.
Coaster Crochet Pattern Free - Starting Round 2
  • Join with a sl st into the top of beginning ch (20).
  • Cut your black/brown yarn leaving a 4 inch tail and fo (fasten off).
Coaster Crochet Pattern Free - ending round 2

Round 3: 

  • Change to orange yarn and ch 1.
  • sc into the same st as ch 1.
  • [sc in the next st, 2 sc in next st], repeat [ ] around.
    More detailed explanation of Round 3:  crochet 1 sc stitch in the next stitch, then 2 sc stitches in the following stitch, then 1 sc in the stitch after that... and keep alternating between 1 sc then 2 sc stitches all the way around.
  • Join with a sl st into the top of beginning ch (30).
  • Cut your orange yarn leaving a 4 inch tail & fo. (fasten off)

Round 4:

  • Change to yellow yarn, [ch 10, sl st into blo of next stitch] repeat around. (30 petals)
Crochet sunflower pattern - petals
Crochet Sunflower Pattern Free - Petal

More detailed explanation of Round 4: start with a chain 10, then slip stitch into the blo (back loop only) of the following stitch. Repeat around.

This will start forming loops which will be the 30 petals around your sunflower center.

Slip stitch your last stitch into the first stitch you began your petals with (where you joined your yellow yarn).

Sunflower crochet pattern Free - how to crochet petals
Sunflower crochet pattern Free - how to crochet petals 2

Once you've completed your petals, cut your yellow yarn leaving a 4 inch tail & fasten off (by pulling your yarn through your last loop).

Using your darning needle, weave in your ends on the back side of your sunflower (stitch back & forth into a couple of stitches in the back to secure your yarn & make sure it doesn't unravel. Cut off the excess with your scissors.

If you're going to attach your sunflower as an appliqué to a bag, hat or headband, for example, you could use the excess yarn ends to stitch them on.

Voila! You're done!! 

Free Sunflower Crochet Pattern

Now you can make several of these and use them to embellish anything from wind spinners, bags, hats or headbands to give them a summery feel. 

Crochet Sunflower Wind Spinner Pattern Free
Crochet Tote Bag Pattern Sunflower

Looking for more summer crochet projects?

Check out these 10 Free Tote bag patterns for inspiration or these 15 trendy bucket hats for this summer.

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I'm 100% Handmade Crochet Gift Tag PDF Printable (FREE)

Are you crocheting these cute sunflowers to add to your handmade gifts? Well I've designed some printable tags you're welcome to download for FREE.

Handmade With Love Tags

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Frequently Asked Questions About Crochet Sunflowers:

I'll answer some of the questions people ask most about crocheting sunflowers like:

What does a sunflower symbolize?

Sunflowers are known to symbolize happiness, loyalty, positivity, strength, faith, adoration & unconditional love.

According to Interflora, "Sunflowers are the very embodiment of summer", which makes them great gifts for your loved ones in the summer season, to congratulate someone, or to symbolize support for the Ukraine.

How do you crochet a mini sunflower?

If you want to crochet a mini sunflower to use for earrings or necklaces or any other jewelry, the easiest way would be to use the thinnest weight cotton yarn you can find (lace yarn would be good), then:

  • Using black or brown cotton yarn: crochet a circle using the Magic Ring Method to keep the center nice and closed (8 sc into magic circle)
  • Change to yellow or orange yarn, [ch 4, sl st into next sc st] repeat into each sc st from previous round. You will have 8 petals
  • Cut your yellow or orange yarn leaving a 4 inch tail & fasten off (by pulling your yarn through your last loop).
  • Using your darning needle, weave in your ends on the back side of your sunflower (stitch back & forth into a couple of stitches in the back of your circle to secure your yarn & make sure it doesn't unravel.
  • Cut off the excess with your scissors.
Sunflower Crochet Pattern Easy
Mini sunflower crochet pattern

What do you call a person who loves sunflowers?

Flower lovers are called anthophile (plural anthophiles) - noun. (

I hope you enjoyed this sunflower crochet pattern. All you need to do now is to make a few of these beautiful sunflowers. You'll find many uses for them to embellish anything from bags, hats headbands, or use as a broach for your cardigan.

Oh, isn't this just the easiest and fastest crochet project ever?

Let me know if you have any questions and...

Happy crocheting!

Disclaimer: Information in this crochet pattern is given for reference only. Even though I do my best to ensure all patterns have no mistakes, occasional errors may slip through.

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Thank you!

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