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November 15, 2023

Delightful Crochet Christmas Ornaments: Crochet-A-Long 2022

Now here's a new experience for me!

Taking part in a crochet design challenge!

I was kindly invited by the admin of Crochet-A-Long to join a group of designers and come up with Crochet Christmas Ornaments for this year!

Crochet Christmas Ornaments CAL

We were given a set of instructions where the ornament:

  • could be completely crochet, or have some other material in it, 
  • The ornament must be an original design which has been designed entirely by me,
  • I'd have to document the steps of the pattern and take photos of all the supplies needed,
  • Take notes & write down the pattern,
  • Take photos during the design process.

Once I was done with that, I had a deadline to submit my pattern write-up and photos to the CAL admins.

They would then organize testing & tech-editing of my patterns and vote for the release date for each pattern to be featured on their Crochet A-Long Blog & FB Group.

The condition for this design a Christmas Ornament patterns was for the designers to advertise their pattern and make them available as free patterns on their blog, for one week

Crochet-A-Long does a advertises each designer and in turn we also share CAL's links on our group and advertise the Christmas Ornaments challenge for new crocheters to discover. 

No codes, no clicking around, just a way to showcase different designers' work and encourage each other.

What is CAL (Crochet-A-Long)?

"A CAL is a group of like-minded people all working on a crochet project at the same time with portions of the pattern being released in a set schedule.

They can be of different lengths and skill levels and although materials are likely to be suggested, each individual can choose their own, leading to great ideas and much creativity!

Some CALs are Mystery CALs (MCALS) where you won't see the completed project until the end although most CALs will have a finished project pictured and supply list available prior to the start of the CAL.

The patterns are available even after the CAL finishes so you can start a CAL whenever you like - there's always someone available to help you along.

Go at your own pace, stick to the schedule with the group, work on it one day a week or start it 9 months's entirely up to you.

And one of the best parts of a CAL is the interaction with other share your progress and make new friends.

It’s a fun experience that you make your own.

This group is run by a group of dedicated volunteer crochet enthusiasts and we look forward to sharing many happy, fun-filled, colorful crochet moments with you!! is an amazing on line community dedicated to bringing you only the best CALs (Crochet A Longs)!

These CALs are hosted by the CAL - Crochet A Long Facebook group. If you are interested in CALs, please join the FB Group." (About CAL Crochet-A-Long, FB Page).

My Contribution to the Crochet Christmas Ornaments Challenge

I was so lucky to have been able to design more than one Christmas ornament this year!

The admins of Crochet-A-Long chose 5 of my Christmas ornament designs to feature this year! Yaaay! I am so pleased!

1. Elf Worry Worm Crochet Pattern

Today is my first day and they'll be featuring my Elf Worry Worm Crochet Pattern.


This is a cute little crochet make that can be used in several ways.

It is the perfect gift to put big smiles on little faces. 

You could use it as an Elf On The Shelf activity with your kids, as a Random Act of Crochet Kindness (RAOCK), as a Christmas Stocking stuffer, as a Christmas gift or a decorative item on your handmade Christmas gift.

In this blog post you will find: 

  • step-by-step photo instructions of the Elf Worry Worm Crochet Pattern
  • Ideas of all the different things you can do with your Elf Worry Worm,
  • Worry Worm Tags for RAOCKs (Printable),
  • Elf Worry Worm Christmas Tags (Printable),
  • and I also designed a small DIY Christmas Box you can print out on card stock, fold & glue to make a cute little box for your Elf Worry Worm.
Elf Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF - 1

Elf Worry Worm Crochet Pattern

Elf Worry Worm Tags Printable - 1

Elf Worry Worm Poem Tags for RAOCK

Elf Christmas Gift Tags

Elf Christmas Gift Tags (PDF Printable)

Croche Elf Christmas Pattern

DIY Box for Elf Worry Worm (PDF Printable)

2. Mandala Crochet Pattern 

This is my second featured pattern at the Christmas Ornaments CAL is the Simple Mandala Appliqué.

Crochet Mandala Pattern Free

This simple Mandala is so versatile, you could use it for many different occasions. Here are a few examples of what you could use your crochet Mandala for:


Mandala Crochet Pattern as coaster

Christmas Mandala Crochet Pattern - Christmas Mandala Crochet Appliqué Pattern

Mandala Crochet Pattern as gift embellishment

Christmas Mandala Crochet Pattern - Crochet Mandala Christmas Card

Mandala Crochet Pattern as Christmas Card decor


Mandala crochet pattern as Mini  Xmas Tree Coaster

3. Baubles & Bells Christmas Tree Ornaments Crochet Patterns

These trio of crochet patterns is perfect for some last-minute Christmas decor. You can combine this simple Christmas bauble, mini Christmas ornament and cute little bell to embellish your tree or display in other unique ways.

Stay tuned for more of my designs that will be featured on Crochet-A-Long 🙂

If you'd like to join the Crochet-A-Long, here are their links:

CAL - Crochet A Long (Facebook Group)

CAL - Crochet A Long (Facebook Page)

CAL - Crochet A Long. (BLOG)

For any questions, please drop me a comment below or email me at [email protected]

Happy crocheting!

May xx

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