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March 9, 2024

How To Write An Awesome
Crochet Blog Post in 2024

So you took the leap to start your own crochet blog?

Are you ready to write an awesome crochet blog post that people will love to read?

How much time have you spent on other crocheter's blogs, reading through their crochet blog posts, looking for patterns, crochet gift ideas or trying to figure out a new stitch?

I know I've spent tons of my time browsing and finding gems of exciting information and ideas. 

I'm a self-taught crocheter (perhaps better to say internet-taught crocheter). I used to sit and take notes, print out my favourite patterns & watch YouTube tutorials to find ever more interesting projects.

One day, I decided to gather some of my research and somehow organize it on my computer.

Later, I thought, why not write an awesome crochet blog post and share my research with other people too?

Blogging is something I've always wanted to try, but didn't really know where to start.

I dug around a bit, took some courses, bought a domain name, experimented with different themes until I found one I was comfortable with and just kept going from there. 

In my previous blog post, I showed you the 8 steps to set up your new blog. If you've already done that, then you're now ready to add some content (write blog posts).


DisclaimerThis post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using the Start Crochet links. Please see my disclosure for more details.

If you're a crochet designer, and have been selling your crochet items on Etsy, Ravelry or craft fairs, you're really going to love blogging about crochet and having your own platform.

You'll quickly realize how putting some effort into creating your very own beautiful crochet blog will have a great impact on other crocheters out there, AND will have a substantial postitive impact on your wallet 🙂 (Given you put in the work and are consistent with your blogging).

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The Secret To Successful Blogging

If you want your blog to grow and reach more people exponentially, you have to understand that the secret sauce is in:

  • Good keyword research, 
  • Writing trending content, 
  • Writing it well, and 
  • Publishing consistently (at least once per week). 

I'll show you how to do all this as we progress with this "How To Start A Profitable Crochet Blog" series.

So now, if you're ready to start writing, but are staring at your computer screen, wanting to write an awesome crochet blog post, but don't know where to start, don't fret! I'll show you an easy 6-step formula to follow that'll help you make quick progress.

How To Do Keyword Research

Manual Keyword Research

You can manually research what topics come up on Google when you type in a specific word. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and check the "People Also Ask" section to get some inspiration.

Google People Also Ask - Start Crochet

You can also use Pinterest to find trending keywords. Type in your main keyword and you'll find all the related topics will pop up in the search bar.

Pinterest Keyword Research - Start Crochet

Free Keyword Research Tools

Another method of finding trending keywords is to check out Google Trends. Type in a couple of keywords in your niche and see which one is trending more. Then continue your research on that word using "Answerthepublic", a free site that'll give you tons of insights into what people ask in the topic you are planning to write about in your post. This is a real untapped goldmine of ideas!

Answer the public - start crochet

"Keyword Research Tools" like Ubersuggest, or Keywords Everywhere.

Paid Keyword Research Tools

A lot of the paid keyword research tools also have free trials, so it's great to get started with these and when your blog grows, you can upgrade to the paid version.

How To Write A Blog Post

Step 1: Decide What Type of Blog Post You Will Write

You first need to decide what TYPE of blog post you're going to write. You see, there are several types of blog posts that serve different purposes. At the beginning, you'll want to write at least 3 "Pillar" posts before you launch your blog. These posts will hold up your blog so you have a strong foundation to build on later on.

What I mean by a Pillar post is a very helpful & in-depth piece of content that answers the basic questions a visitor to your blog might have about the topic you are covering. You'd want to answer the 5 Ws (Who, What, When, Where & Why) of the topic.

You mission with this post is to help someone achieve something by reading what you wrote. You might show them the exact steps to start learning how to crochet, for instance.

Your FREE 
Blog Post

Blog Post Checklist - Start Crochet

So once you have a couple of pillar posts done for your blog, you can start writing some other types of blog posts. Here are some examples:

Crochet Blog Post Ideas

  • A post with a crochet pattern you designed + helpful information
  • curated list post (best of, gift guides) commonly referred to as "roundup posts".
  • A stitch tutorial or step-by-step pattern tutorial.
  • how-to post (an instructional post to help someone figure out how to do something)
  • A product review (this could be an affiliate post)
  • A comparison post comparing two or more products (hooks, yarn, etc.)
  • An Ultimate Guide (long post covering a certain topic in-depth).
  • An interview with a crocheter or a person aspiring to learn.
  • A news article about industry updates.
  • A problem & solution post explaining how to fix crochet problems.
  • A blog post showcasing where to find crochet resources.
  • Data Study: conduct a survey and offer valuable first-hand data
  • A personal story post sharing your experience with something crochet-related.
  • A post on common mistakes and how to fix them.
  • A tips & tricks post on a specific crochet topic.

Step 2: Decide if You Should You Use AI Generated Content

This is debate that has been going on since ChatGPT was first launched in early 2023.

Many people are skeptical about using AI Generated content, but to be honest, I personally feel that this is a new technology that we all need to get used to sooner or later.

If we don't use it, we'll be left behind. To me, it's like using or not using the internet. Let's be honest, how many people don't use the internet in this day and age?

You might be wonder, Is it cheating to use AI generated content?

Well, that depends...

How are you going to use it exactly?

Are you simply going to enter a prompt for it to write you a blog post, or are you going to use it to help you step by step?

This is how I see it: ask ChatGPT or any other AI tool to generate an outline for your blog post on a topic that you've already researched the keywords for.

Then, after you've selected what you think would be good to include into your blog post, you can ask it to write up some details on each section.

What you shouldn't do, is simply copy and paste these sections into your post. Rather, read through them carefully, check that all the facts are correct (AI does spit out garbage sometimes), and then rewrite the text in your own words.

I think this method would be useful for posts that don't include crochet patterns. You might want to discuss a certain topic related to crochet or explain a crochet-related something or other. 

Some crochet designers have reacted quite negatively to AI, thinking that it could also start designing patterns and therefore take their creativity and 'jobs' from them. But that's simply not true.

Several crochet designers have proven that AI cannot write crochet patterns. It may look like it's a real crochet pattern when you look at the pattern AI generates, but if you work it up, it'll look like a distorted monster of sorts!

Step 3: Write A Compelling Title For Your Post

When choosing a title for your blog post, make sure it's something that will entice the reader to click on it. Boring titles won't generate significant clicks, so try to find some winning blog post title formulas that'll get you more traffic.

Here's a great resource to learn how to write headlines.

Headline Hacks Jon Morrow - Start Crochet

There are tools that can help you with that like Headline Studio from Co-Schedule, a chrome extension that helps you write excellent headlines by giving you tips and suggestions on how to improve them.

Write Better Headlines That Boost Your Traffic

And of course AI is here to help with headline and title generation. This is really where AI excels! You can simply prompt your favorite AI tool to generate a list of headlines for you to choose from.

Step 4: Outline The Most Asked Questions

Once you've done your research and decided what type of blog post you're writing, then start writing your outline (based on the research you just made). You can also ask ChatGPT to generate an outline for you.

Pull out all the relevant questions people are asking about your topic, write them in your outline, sort them in a cohesive way and voila, your outline is done!

If for any reason you can't find enough questions in your google search, just click on the most relevant "People also ask" question, and you'll see more related questions popping up.

Once you've picked out the most relevant questions for your outline, make sure to format these as H2 headings so that the Google algorithm can find the answers to those questions on your blog. This is part of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so that your blog starts to rank well on Google when someone searches for the terms you just included in your H2 headings. Your H1 Heading is the title of your blog post and you should only have one H1 heading per post.


Step 5: Write The Content Of Your Post 

Start with a short introduction to your post. You know people's attention-spans are short these days, so don't go rambling on with a long intro.

Keep your intro short & sweet, showing your readers how exactly you will help them solve a problem or get what they want. It's nice to pull the reader in with a quick one or two sentence story.

Then go through your H2 Headings (the questions you pulled out from your Google and AI research) and find answers to these questions that will be helpful to your readers.

Write these answers in your own words as answers to the questions in your outline. If you don't know the answers yourself, ask ChatGPT and verify them. Reference where you got the answers from and make sure you get your information from reliable sources.

Here's a great FREE Class on how to launch your blog, get traffic & earn $1,000+ per month!

Step 6: Organize Your Blog Post

Organize your content in a way that makes it easy to navigate for your reader by adding H3 and possibly H4 headings.

It's also a good idea to include a Table of Contents to your blog post. That way people can easily find the section they're looking if they're trying to find something specific.

Step 7: Write A Conclusion To Your Blog Post

Instead of just abruptly ending your blog post, write a conclusion to summarize what you stated in your blog post in a few sentences. You can also ask a question at the end of your post to get people to engage with you. This helps both SEO and helps you find out if people have further questions you could answer for them.

Another useful tip is to add a CTA button (Call to action) where you ask your readers to either subscribe to something you're offering on your blog, lead them to another relevant page on your blog, or give them a freebie (a free resource that would be useful for them to download).

Your Final Step Before You Hit The Publish Button

Once you're done writing your blog post, you'll want to go through the text and edit any mistakes you might have had. Make sure it reads smoothly and doesn't have any errors. You can add some design to your page to highlight certain sections, add pictures or videos to enhance the visitor's experience on your post.

Linking is also very important for SEO. One you have a few blog posts written, make sure you mention some links between these posts (internal linking) as well as (external links) within the text of your blog to high-authority websites. This is another thing you can ask AI to assist you with.

Now that you've checked all that, it's time to hit the "Publish" button and have your blog post go live for visitors to read!

From the "Wordpress Admin" dashboard, you'll want to include a "Featured Image" for you post add your keywords so that Google can find your post and make sure your post visibility is set on "Public".

You should have installed an SEO Plugin such as Yoast or SEO Press and that will guide you on what information you need to include in your blog post for it to be easily found by search engines.

The next step you'll want to do is to market you blog post. But that's a topic for another day 🙂

How To Write An Awesome Crochet Blog Post - Step by step guide for absolute beginners

The Last Thing You Need To Know When Starting Your Crochet Blog

Now you know how to start your crochet blog in 8 simple steps. You know how to write your first "Pillar" blog post by researching your keywords, finding a compelling title for your post, writing an outline as H2 & H3 Headings and answering the questions in the body of your blog post with references from reliable sources.

It's always good to have a checklist to make sure you have all the elements of your blog post perfectly done before you hit publish! Grab Your Free Copy!

Your FREE 
Blog Post

Blog Post Checklist - Start Crochet

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2024 Crochet Pattern Design Challenge
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Crochet Pattern Design Challenge

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Crochet Pattern Design Challenge

Publish your first crochet design in 5 days!

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  • Get step-by-step guidance on how to write your first crochet pattern,
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Let me know if you have any questions below!

Happy Crocheting!

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