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8 Fun Crochet Patterns
For A Spooktacular Halloween

Looking for some fun crochet patterns, but have been spending way too much time browsing?

We all need some inspiration to create something cute, spooky or quirky!

It's true there are literally millions of halloween crochet patterns out there and it can get a little overwhelming and time consuming to find the perfect one!

If you're a beginner crocheter, it gets even more difficult because you have to keep checking which patterns use which stitches and make sure you know how to make all these crochet stitches to start with!

Well, I'm here to help 🙂

I've found the most spooktacular crochet patterns on Etsy for you, most with beginner-level stitches!

To be honest, some are just 2 cute 2 scare!! 


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1. ONE-EYED PUMPKIN Crochet Pattern

There's a monster hiding in this pumpkin!! Boo!!

Well, if you're looking for something less cute... and more on the creepy side, this one-eyed pumpkin would really do the trick!

Display it on your front porch and it'll surely make passers-by STARE!!

Via MakeItEasyCraftroom/Etsy

Halloween Crochet Ideas - Start Crochet

2. CAT IN PUMPKIN Crochet Pattern

Here's something for cat lovers! Or scaredy cats!! Either way, you will absolutely love this pattern!

This adorable amigurumi will surely delight both children and adults alike.

The pattern is beginner-friendly and works up fairly fast.

Via Magicfilament/Etsy

Halloween Crochet Ideas - Start Crochet

3. Green Halloween WITCH Crochet Pattern

How unspooky is this cute little amigurumi witch? And oh what fun you'll have making her!

This pattern will surely get you some ooohs and aaaahs when you show this Green Halloween Witch to your friends!

Via RoKiKi/Etsy

Halloween Crochet Ideas - Start Crochet

4. AMIGURUMI SAM Crochet Pattern

Check out this Halloween Amigurumi character: Scary boy with burlap bag on his head!

This pattern is so easy to follow, anyone can crochet little SAM. And, you'll be in love with him, guaranteed!

Via BlueRabbitToys/Etsy

Halloween Crochet Ideas - Start Crochet

5. Easy Crochet HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN Pattern

These pumpkins are super easy for beginners! Make a few of them and display them on your front porch or in your living room!

The pattern is really easy to follow and includes technique guides as well as step by step instructional pictures.

Via Pattern4Craft/Etsy

Halloween Crochet Ideas - Start Crochet

6. PUMPKIN HAT Crochet Pattern

Looking for a Pumpkin Hat pattern that's simple AND cute at the same time?

Wouldn't this just be great to gift to someone and show off your crochet skills - even if you're totally new to crochet?

This pattern comes in several sizes so you'll be able to whip one up for your kids and for yourself too!

Via KerryJayneDesigns/Etsy

Halloween Crochet Ideas - Start Crochet

Crochet Hat Sizing Template
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Crochet Hat Sizing Template (free Printable) - Start Crochet

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7. Halloween LONGLEGS DOLLS Crochet Patterns

These dolls are cute as can be! You'd make some little kids soooo happy if you crochet them one of these Longlegs Dolls!

They would also make immaculate rack sitters for your Fall show, or cuddly toys to give as Halloween gifts.

Frankenstein's Monster (otherwise called Fred), Gilbert Ghost and Pammy Pumpkin work up real fast because their bodies are made with doubled up yarn. If you don't feel like making their legs, just leave them off and you'll be able to use them as doorstops as well!

Via Mojimojidesign/Etsy

Halloween Crochet Ideas - Start Crochet

8. BOO BABY GHOST Mini Amigurumi Pattern

You probably won't scare anyone with this little ghost, but hey... isn't he just the cutest ever! He's just love at first sight!

You can customize his facial expression however you like. Just change the shape of his mouth and he'll look either smiley or spooky.

Via AmiAmore/Etsy

Halloween Crochet Ideas - Start Crochet

So there you have it! You have 8 spooky & cute halloween crochet patterns to choose from!

If you're making these for gifts, or to sell... here are some Free printable gift tags from Start Crochet that you can print out and add to your crocheted items for that extra personal touch.

Happy crocheting!

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