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Quick & Easy Halloween Crochet Patterns
You Could Finish In A Day

Are you in a rush to crochet something cute & spooky real fast this halloween?

This always happens to me! I somehow run out of time and my kids (+ their friends) suddenly want some more Halloween costume accessories for school & trick or treating.

Have a look at the Halloween collection below and choose your favourite accessory to add some spooky adorableness to your kids' costumes 🙂


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Halloween Crochet Patterns:

1. Halloween Granny Squares Crochet Patterns

This versatile Halloween Granny Square Bundle is a collection of 20 Halloween-themed afghan blocks.

They can be used to accessorize clothing, blankets, pillows, hats, bags, or sweaters.

Via RaffamusaDesigns

Like these patterns but not ready to work them yet? Save it to Pinterest!

halloween granny squares patterns - Halloween Roundup 2021 - Start Crochet

2. Halloween Spiderweb Outfit Crochet Pattern

This is the perfect pattern if you're really out of TIME! It works up super fast and it comes with a bonus pattern for a pair of gloves too!

Wear over a white or red dress and you're good to go 🙂

Via PatternsIsland

halloween spiderweb outfit crochet pattern start crochet

3. FREE Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern

How about making some Pumpkin Worry Worms to give to kids instead of candy for trick-or-treats?

You could also make these cute pumpkin worry worms to give away as Random Acts of Crochet Kindness. 

You'll find the worry worm poems & tags in this post as well.

Via Start Crochet

Pumpkin Worry Worm Halloween Crochet Pattern Free

4. Grimm Reaper Halloween Crochet Pattern

How unspooky is this cute little amigurumi Grimm Reaper? And oh what fun you'll have making it!

This pattern will surely get you some ooohs and aaaahs when you accessorize your outfit with this Grimm Reaper. You could add it to your hat or pin it to your shoulder.

Via KindGeekBear

GRIMM REAPER Halloween Crochet Pattern - Start Crochet

5. Halloween Pumpkin Beanie Crochet Pattern

This cute & easy pumpkin Halloween Hat comes with mini video tutorials to guide you through the pattern.

It's a truly gorgeous design and really doesn't take much time to work up. Why not make one for each member of your family? The pattern comes in toddler to adult sizes.

Via OneStopWonders

pumpkin beanie crochet pattern - START CROCHET

6. Halloween Witch Hat Crochet Pattern

This adorable little Halloween Witch Hat will only take you a few minutes to work up. You can embellish your costume with it, create a garland to hang up or add it to an existing amigurumi you've made for a Halloween touch!

Via MaryBrowncraft

Halloween Witch Hat CROCHET Pattern-Start Crochet

7. Halloween Octoghost and Mini Pumpkins Crochet Patterns

These are just about the cutest Halloween octoghost & Mini Pumpkins I've ever come across! Check out the top of his head!! So adorable! They're just asking for hugs!!

This pattern is ideal for beginners and is really easy to follow with step by step instructional pictures.

Via BabyCakesStudios

halloween octoghost & mini pumpkins crochet patterns start crochet

So there you have it! You have 7 excitingly cute, easy & most importantly quick crochet patterns to choose from!

If you're making these for gifts, or to sell... here are some Free printable gift tags from Start Crochet that you can print out and add to your crocheted items for that extra personal touch.

Happy crocheting!

Crochet Gift Tags
Free Printable

Crocheting a gift for a loved one? Why not personalize it with a cute gift tag? Yours FREE here. 

Free Printable Crochet Gift Tags (slanted Image) (1)

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