Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF

 Pumpkin Worry Worm
Crochet Pattern

Meet Pippin the Pumpkin Spice: Pippin is like a cuddly pumpkin with a big heart. He's all warm and cozy, just like a snuggly blanket, and he's great to keep the little ones comfy during fall when everything smells like yummy pumpkin spice. When your kids are feeling a little bit worried, Pippin is the friend they can hug to make everything feel better.

Have you heard of worry worms before?

Crochet worry worms became a real hit when a FB Group called "Random Acts of Crochet Kindness" came up with the idea to distribute these simple crochet worry worms with a poem packaged in a small see-through plastic baggie or organza bag anywhere you can think of... in the woods, playground, nursing home, school, camping area... wherever. 

These cute crochet worry worms are meant to put a smile on whoever finds them and comfort them in times of sorrow or stress.

The idea of these worry worms is to go out of one's way to make another person smile. It builds a sense of community in kind acts, and attempts to make the world a bit lighter and brighter!

The best thing about these crochet worry worms is that they are super easy and fast to whip up, which make them ideal projects for beginner crocheters.

If you want to know more about crochet Worry Worms their story and how they're used, you can check out this post for an in-depth look at worry worms.


In a previous post, I showed you how to crochet basic worry worms, how to add relevant poems or tags, and how to package & distribute them.

How to crochet worry worms

And I've also designed some other worry worms for other occasions:

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New! Themed Worry Worm Patterns 

Bundle  Sale

Worry Worm Crochet Pattern Bundle

Themed Worry Worm Patterns Bundle

Now that autumn is approaching, I want to show you how to crochet themed worry worms for the upcoming Halloween season.

These worry worms are also super simple to make and will definitely put big smiles on little faces!

Not only will you feel accomplished when you've created a few of these, you'll also feel great about yourself when you actually go out and hide them around your neighbourhood for people to find them and brighten up their day

Interesting Note: Did you know that the technique used to crochet curly surfaces is called hyperbolic crochet? When I discovered this was actually a mathematical term for "negative curvature", I was really intrigued! 

Think of the types of curvature you see in coral reefs or lettuce leaves. These organic shapes can be replicated in crochet by adding stitches at a constant rate to each row of crochet. The more frequently you add stitches, the curlier (and more negatively curved) your crochet project gets.  Isn't that awesome?! You can watch a video about hyperbolic crochet here.

And if you'd like to check out a little experiment I made about crocheting Corkscrew Spirals using different stitches & stitch counts, you can have a look at this post here.


Now let's experiment with hyperbolic crochet with our Pumpkin worry worm pattern...

You can also download the FREE Printable Worry Worm Tags that you could include in your baggies with your Pumpkin Worry Worms. 

If you have any questions, please drop me a comment below.

Pumpkin Worry Worm

Poem Tags
PDF Printable

Pumpkin Worry Worm Tags Printable - 1

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What You’ll Learn

  • How to crochet a worry worm's pumpkin head using the scBLO technique (single crochet back loop only)
  • How to crochet a 3-D continuous spiral using (sc) single crochet stitches.
  • How to create a 3-D pumpkin head from a flat piece of crocheted fabric.
  • How to attach pumpkin head to worry worm body.
  • How to add a poem/tag to your worry worms.
  • How to package your crochet worry worm for distribution.

Materials Needed

Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF Materials
Crochet Worry Worm Eyes - 15 Creative Options


  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • scBLO = single crochet back loop only
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • st = stitch
  • sts = stitches
  • fo = fasten off

Skill Level

Beginner - this pattern uses basic stitches used in different ways. You do not need to have amigurumi experience as this pattern is worked flat.


Length = 5.5" / 14 cm
Weight = 0.28 oz/ 8 g
Yardage = 13.4 yards / 12.3 m of yarn


12 sc and 12 rows with a 4.5 mm crochet hook

Gauge is not really that crucial for this tutorial. Just try experimenting with different hook sizes & different weight yarns to get a gauge you are happy with for the project you are working on.

If your worry worm looks smaller than you anticipated, try a thicker weight yarn or a smaller size crochet hook.

If you are using bulky yarn, you might want to decrease the number of repeated stitches in the body chain to 3 sc per ch instead of 4.

If you want your worry worm to be longer, just increase the number of stitches in your body chain.


- You can use any type of yarn as long as you have a corresponding crochet hook size (check yarn label for recommendations)

- There are 2 main methods to crochet worry worms.

        1. From the bottom up - meaning you start from the tail end

        2. From the top down - meaning you start with the head.

- For this Halloween-themed worry worm, you will not need to crochet a circle for the head. The head is worked flat, then it is stitched closed on the sides & top, eyes and stem inserted, then stuffed with stuffing from the bottom. No need to know how to crochet a Magic Circle for this pattern.

- You can make the pattern larger or smaller by changing the type of yarn and/or hook size.

- Numbers at the end of each step (in brackets) indicate the number of final stitches in that step. 

- Ch1 at beginning of rows do not count as a stitch.

- Please note that I use US crochet terms. 

Like this pattern / poem but not ready to work it yet? Save it to Pinterest!

Pumpkin Worry Worm Pattern PDF

Stitch How-To Instructions

Instructions for Ch (Chain):Bring the yarn over the crochet hook from back to front and hook it. Draw hooked yarn through the loop of the stitch on your hook and up onto the working area of your hook.

Instructions for sc (Single Crochet):Insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch (you now have two loops on hook), yarn over again and pull through both loops on hook (note: this is equivalent to the UK Double Crochet (dc) stitch)

Instructions for Sl St (Slip Stitch): Insert hook, yarn over, pull the loop back through your last stitch AND through the loop on your hook (through both stitches).

Instructions for Fastening Off: After the last stitch of the last round, cut the yarn, leaving a 6-inch end. Draw the cut end of your yarn completely through the stitch & pull to tighten knot.

Instructions for scBLO (Single Crochet Back Loop Only): Insert hook into center of "v" stitch (between the front & back loops of stitch), yarn over, pull the loop through the stitch (you now have two loops on hook), yarn over again and pull through both loops on hook (note: this is equivalent to the UK Double Crochet back loop only (dcBLO) stitch).
Here's a video tutorial by Melody Crochet showing you exactly how to crochet this special stitch.

If you need more detailed instructions on how to work the required stitches, check out Annie’s Catalogue for visual instructions.


Pumpkin Worry Worm in plastic baggie with tag


Below you will find a text-only ad-free printable version of the Pumpkin Worry Worm which you can buy for a small fee.

The second printable is for Worry Worm Poems that you could add as tags to your worry worms if you're leaving your worms out & about for people to find.

Pumpkin Worry Worm
PDF Printable

Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF

Pumpkin Worry Worm

Poem Tags
PDF Printable

Pumpkin Worry Worm Tags Printable - 1

Three Halloween Worry Worm Crochet Patterns 
Bundle Sale (PDF Printable)

So what do you think of this Halloween trio?

easy crochet worry worm patterns

If you'd like to buy all three Halloween Worry Worm crochet patterns in an Ad-free PDF printable format, you can either download them from Ravelry or my online shop. Aren't they a frightfully cute bunch?

Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern Instructions

Pumpkin Stem

Row 1: With green yarn, tie a slip knot on your hook leaving a 4" tail, ch3, turn. (3)

Row 2: In second ch from hook sl st in next 2 stitches. Cut yarn & fo leaving a 4" tail.  (You will have 2 tails to attach stem to head in the end).

Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF 1

Slip Knot on hook

Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF 2

Needle shows where to insert next stitch

Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF 4

Pumpkin Stem completed

Pumpkin Head

Row 1: With orange yarn, start off by leaving a 10" tail, tie a slip knot, ch 6, turn. (6)

Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF 5

Remember to leave a long (10") tail for later

Row 2: In second ch from hook scBLO along, turn. (5)

Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF 6

5 stitches of Row 2 completed

Rows 3-12: ch1, 5 scBLO, turn. (5) Remember to count your 5 stitches for each row.
Note: Do not cut your yarn. Continue to work Worry Worm Body.
You will have a rectangular shape for now. This will be assembled later.
If you notice your rectangle sides are not straight, check out this tip to ensure you have straight edges every time.

Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF 7

12 Rows completed

Worry Worm Body

  1.  With rectangular pumpkin head attached, continue to ch 31 (31)
    Note: This will be the center of your worry worm 's body 
Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF 9

Continue to ch 31

2. Place 4 sc in second ch from hook, 4 sc in each ch st all the way back up to the worm's head (120).
Note: You will find that the body of your worm will start to curl up naturally as you progress with your work. Curls will not be exact at this point. You will adjust them later.

Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF 10

Place 4 sc in second ch from hook

3. Once you've reached the top of your worm (nearest to its head), sl st into the same stitch from where you started your chain.


Ensure you pull tightly after your sl st so your worry worm head doesn't flop.

4. Cut yarn leaving a 4" tail and fasten off. 

Assembling Pumpkin Head

  1. Top: Thread beginning 10" tail into your darning needle.
  2. Sew the top of your pumpkin head using a running stitch (weave in & out). 
Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF 16

The top of your Pumpkin head is where you began your rectangle (the side that has the long 10" tail attached to it)

3. Pull tightly to gather and close the top part of the pumpkin.

Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF 17

Make sure you pull tight enough to close the top of the head, but not too tight so as to snap your yarn! If you feel it hasn't closed tightly enough, you can close it tighter later while attaching the stem.

4. Seam: You have 2 options to join your seam: Either with your darning needle or with your crochet hook.

Darning needle: Continue to join the two sides of your pumpkin head with your darning needle using a mattress stitch (make sure to work on the right side of your rectangular piece and stitch into the inner loops only to make ridge stand out with the raised "v" shapes). (5)

Crochet hook: You could also join your two sides with your crochet hook using slip stitches. You would join the chain stitch of one side to the back loop of the other side. (5)
Here's a video tutorial showing you how to join using slip stitches.

Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF 19

Work from the center outwards, once upwards catching the inner loop, once downwards catching the inner loop

Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF 20

Seam is now complete

5. Features: If using toy eyes, insert in the 3rd stitch from the bottom and directly opposite seam (so that seam is at back of head). Leave one ridge in between the two eyes. Make sure they are securely attached from the back.
Alternatively, you could glue on goggly eyes, sew on a couple of fiber art beads for eyes, add a French Knot or simply draw 2 dots with a permanent marker for eyes.

Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF 22

Safety Toy Eyes put into place (outside view)

Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF 23

Safety Toy Eyes snapped into place (inside view)

6. Stem: Tie green top (stem) to the top of your pumpkin head by inserting the 2 strands into place with your darning needle. Ensure you do not insert both strands into the same stitch. Leave one or two stitches in between. If you notice that your top is not closed tightly, this is your opportunity to close it with the green strands.

Tie a double knot to secure from inside the pumpkin head.

Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF 124

Joining the stem to the top of the head. Tie double knot from the inside of the head before stuffing.

7. Stuffing: Stuff your pumpkin head with cotton filling, fiberfill or leftover yarn strands from the bottom opening. Do not overstuff.

Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF 126

Add stuffing. Do not overstuff.

8. Bottom: Sew bottom closed with a running stitch (same as top). Pull tightly to ensure it is closed well. 

9. Shaping: Now Insert your darning needle through the bottom of your pumpkin head to the top center of the head (vertically), catch a stitch and pull it back out the bottom center to create the distinctive squashed pumpkin shape.

Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF 21

Insert needle from bottom center to top center, catch a stitch and insert again from top to bottom. Pull to squash your pumpkin a little.

Tadaa! You're done!! 🙂

Worry Worm Crochet Pattern Pumpkin

Finishing & Adjustments

  1. If your pumpkin top is not closed tight enough, then sew it closed with your tapestry/darning needle before you pull it through the bottom.
  2. Cut your yarn leaving a short tail and weave in your ends.
  3. Lastly, if you feel your worry worm didn't curl up properly, don't worry! Simply run your finger along the curls to place them in the correct position. Give them all a little twist and they'll all fall into place perfectly!
  4. Now you can place your worry worm into a plastic baggie or organza bag and distribute it. Check how to assemble your project below.
Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF 30

Want some printable Poem Tags for your Pumpkin Worry Worm? Visit my Shop and get instant access to this downloadable for a small fee.


Pumpkin Worry Worm in organza baggie with tag

Done With Your Project?

If you've completed your Pumpkin Worry Worm, I'd love to see your make! Please share it on your social media and tag @startcrochet so I can find it!

Have any questions or comments? I'd love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below 🙂

Like this pattern / poem but not ready to work it yet? Save it to Pinterest!


I hope you enjoyed this Pumpkin Worry Worm Pattern. Please let me know what you'll be using it for down in the comments below.

Happy crocheting!


Are you working on some other Halloween crochet projects? Here's a little gift for you from startcrochet.com. Free Printable Halloween Gift Tags. You're welcome to download them and add them to your crocheted Halloween Gifts. Happy hooking!

Handmade With Love Gift Tags
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Halloween Handmade With Love Gift Tags - Handmade With Love Gift Tags Free Printable

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  • Currently making 115 of these for my daughters school preschool trick or treat. This was a GREAT pattern, very easy to follow. I did after making several, make mine with 6 stitches in the head and put the curly part at row 6.

    • That’s awesome Donna! I’m sure the kids will be thrilled! Would love to see a photo of your new version! Well done!! Stay posted for more worry worm variations coming up!

  • I don’t understand why I can’t get the free pattern of the day It says there is still 7 hours left to use this coupon (Pumpkin Worry Worm) I hope you can fix this so I can? Thank you

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