Crochet Worry Worm Eyes - 15 Creative Options

Crochet Worry Worm

20+ Creative Options

Are you as addicted to crocheting worry worms as I am?

I don't know what it is about these little creatures, but I just love making a ton of them to give away as Random Acts of Crochet Kindness, or to people who I feel could need a hug from time to time.

If you haven't heard of worry worms before, have a look at this post to learn all about them:


If you're looking for a basic worry worm pattern, here's a  Worry Worm Pattern + PDF Downloadable for you. The Worry Worm Crochet Pattern is free on my blog and the PDF Printable version can be purchased from my shop for a small fee. I've also designed some Printable Worry Worm Poems that you can add to your worry worms for distribution.

How to crochet worry worms
Worry Worm Poem Tag A4 Template

After you've crocheted some worry worms, adding some eyes makes them come to life!

The problem is, though, that I "worry" sometimes that little kids will find them. So I try to make those worry worm eyes as safe as possible for kids under 3 years old. I've also added some "Choking Hazard" notes in my Worry Worm Poem printable, which you get as part of your worry worm poem purchase.

Worry Worm
Poem Tags 


The most popular eyes for worry worms are googly eyes. I normally use 10 mm ones. These are either stick-on ones or some people also glue them on for extra hold.

I looked around for some other options and thought I'd make a list of what I found that could be helpful to you as well.

Have a look at the more than 20 options below and choose your favorite. I'm continuously updating this list as I stumble upon more ideas.

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Blick Studio Markers

Worry Worm Eyes

If you're crocheting these for younger children under 3 years old, or you're hiding them out & about for people to find, you'll want to make sure your worry worm eyes are safe and don't come off if the baby / toddler holds them.

It's always best to write a disclaimer on your note that it’s not suitable for children under 3 years old because of the eyes being a choking hazard.

Here's a list of Worry Worm Eye options for you to choose from:

1. Stick-on Googly/Wiggle eyes (8 - 10 mm)

Stick-on goggly eyes are the most commonly used as Worry Worm eyes. They come in large packets, so they're ideal if you're making lots of worry worms. They're also super easy to attach. You simply peel off the sticker paper in the back and stick them onto your worry worm's face. These googly eyes are not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Start Crochet_ Worry Worms crochet Pattern

Example of stick-on Googly Wiggle Eyes, Click image for the crochet pattern.

Three Christmas Worry Worm Crochet Patterns
Bundle Sale
(PDF Printable)

Crochet Christmas Worry Worms

If you'd like to buy all three Christmas Worry Worm crochet patterns in an Ad-free PDF printable format (discounted rate), you can either download them from Ravelry or my online shop. Price is $9.99 instead of $14.97

2. Stick-on Creativity Street Painted Wiggle Eyes

These eyes are similar to the regular googly eyes, except they have eyelids & eyelashes painted on them. You get 100 eyes per packet and they come in a variety of sizes, of which the smallest is 7 mm and the largest is 15mm.  I normally use 10mm eyes on my worry worms.

Creativity Street Painted Wiggle Eyes - Blick Art Materials

Recently, finger puppet googly eyes (sometimes called Google Eye Rings or Oobi Eyes), have become quite popular with crochet worry worms. Most people simply crochet around the nose (finger) section of the finger puppets and complete the worry worm that way.

I came up with another way to crochet worry worms where just the eyes pop out from an amigurumi-style head. I'll write up a pattern for this soon. Drop me a comment below if you're interested in it 🙂

Update: Written Pattern & Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial for this Finger Puppet Googly Eyes Worry Worm is now available! (Click on image below to see the pattern). If you want to be notified as soon as I release more worry worm crochet patterns, please enter your details in this form:

You can buy these Finger Puppet Googly Eyes Online or in brick & mortar shops. Here's a list of where you can find them:

In Online Shops

In Brick & Mortar Shops

  • Walmart
  • Michael's Craft Store
  • Dollar Tree
  • Hobby Lobby

You can even make your own Finger Puppet Googly Eyes with a 3D printer! How's that for some fun!

Here are some more ideas for cute little creatures you can crochet using Finger puppet Googly Eyes.


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4. Doll Glass Eye Beads (8-10 mm)

Now these glass eye beads are just perfect for some worry worms like this Halloween Black Cat Worry Worm! They come with adhesive stickers on the back, so they're really easy to attach to your worry worms.

Three Halloween Worry Worm Crochet Patterns 
Bundle Sale (PDF Printable)

So what do you think of this Halloween trio?

easy crochet worry worm patterns

If you'd like to buy all three Halloween Worry Worm crochet patterns in an Ad-free PDF printable format, you can either download them from Ravelry or my online shop. Aren't they a frightfully cute bunch?

5. Sew-on Goggly eyes

Sew-on goggly eyes are great for worry worms because they look really cute and you can sew them onto your worry worm face with thin thread and a sewing needle. They won't come off if a child under 3 years old handles your worry worm, so this is definitely a safe option.

Sew on goggly eyes


Sew-on beads also come in large quantities so they're ideal if you're making lots of worry worms.

These will make cute little eyes for your worry worms and you can sew them on safely for young children under 3 years old.


Smiley face beads are cute acrylic beads that come in a variety of colors. They are also sew-on beads and come in large quantities so they're ideal if you're making lots of worry worms.

These will make cute little eyes for your worry worms and you can sew them on safely for young children under 3 years old.

Smiley Face Beeds

8. Felt Eyes

Another option would be to use some black (or black & white felt.

You can cut out small circles (the black circles smaller than the white ones), then either glue them onto your worry worms, or even better, would be to stitch them on your worry worm faces with some thread.

Trimits Felt for Worry worm eyes Lovecrafts

Or you could purchase ready-cut circles that you would just glue onto your worry worm. Make sure to order the size you are aiming for.

Black Felt Circles - Worry Worm Eyes

Example of felt used as a Halloween Ghost Worry Worm mouth. Click image for Crochet Pattern.

Check out these mini sunglasses perfect to add to your crochet worry worms. How adorable are they?!! You can glue them on with some fabric glue.

I think this is actually the easiest and safest option. You can just draw some eyes onto your worry worm's face using a Sharpie Fabric Marker. 2 small circles will do the job, but if you want to get fancy, you can draw some more detailed eyes.

Tulip Fabric Markers Variety Pack

These sticker eyes are quick & easy to add some character to your worry worm's face. You can get them in rolls of 2000 eyes, so if you'll be making lots of worry worms, this might be a good choice.

These are cute little sew-on buttons that could definitely be used as worry worm eyes.

If you don't want your sewing to show from the back of your worry worm head, just make sure you catch the front loop only of your dc stitches when attaching the buttons.

Rico Buttons Worry Worm Eyes LoveCrafts

13. The French Knot 

Adding a French Knot with some black yarn is also a safe option for kids under 3 years. You could even embroider a mouth for your worry worm.

If you want to learn how to embroider a French Knot, have a look at this video tutorial below.

Note: Your stitches will show in the back of the worry worm's head, so what you could do to avoid those back stitches being seen is to crochet another head (circle) of the same size and whip stitch the 2 heads together all around.

Worry Worm Crochet Pattern French Knot

14. The Colonial Knot

The colonial knot is another embroidery knot that's similar to the French Knot, but is a little smaller than the French Knot. Some people feel it looks neater and more even. Try out both and see which you prefer.

15. Embroidered Eyes

This is an even easier way to embroider eyes on your crochet worry worms. It works if you decide to crochet a second head as backing to your worry worm so the stitches don't show in the back, or if you decide to crochet an amigurumi-style worry worm with a 3=D head.

16. Small crochet circle of one round

Using very thin yarn or thread, you could crochet two circles of one round each to create your worry worm eyes. To make these, you could either ch 3, then join with a slip stitch or work 6 sc into a Magic Circle, leave a 6" tail, cut yarn and fasten off. You can then use the 2 yarn tails to attach the eyes to your worry worms with a darning needle.


chain 3, join with a slip stitch

17. Crocheted Tiny Hearts

You can crochet these tiny little hearts to add as eyes to your worry worms for Valentine's day or to use as Emojis. Here's an example of the Valentine's Worry Worm I designed.


Click on the image for the Tiny Heart Crochet Pattern


Example of tiny heart eyes for your valentine's worry worm. Click on the image for the Free Pattern.

18. Permanent Marker Pen or Sharpie

A Permanent Marker Pen is also one of the easiest and safest options. Simply draw some eyes onto your worry worm's face using a Sharpie Permanent Marker. 2 small circles will do the job, but if you want to get fancy, you can draw some more detailed eyes.

Sharpie Fabric Marker

19. Toy eyes or safety eyes 

Toy eyes are an option for worry worms, but in this case you'll have to add another crochet circle behind the head) or crochet your worry worms with a 3D head (amigurumi style). I used these eye in my Pumpkin Worry Worms and I think they look really cute!

Trimits Toy Eyes Worry Worm Eyes Lovecrafts
Worry Worm Crochet Pattern Pumpkin

Example of 6mm toy safety eyes on Pumpkin Worry Worm. Click Image for crochet pattern.

20. Pompoms Attached with Fabric Fusion Glue

Another simple option, but not safe for younger children under 3 years, is to attach small black pompoms with some fabric fusion glue. This gives a cute look as well.

21. Black Glue

How about a couple of drops of black glue? You have to be careful with this to make sure your dots come out right, but it's definitely doable.

22. Plasti-Dip or Sock Stop

This is a specialty air-dry rubber compound I normally use to make crochet slippers non-slip. You can get it in various colors, so if you use black, you could also put 2 drops on your worry worm's face for eyes.


Final Thoughts on Your Worry Worm Eyes Options

As you can see, there are many options for crochet worry worm eyes. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose any of the 15 eye varieties mentioned above to make sure your worry worm ends up looking exactly how you want it to.

Which option will you choose?

Let me know in the comments below which on you decided to choose and why you feel that's the best option for you.

Happy crocheting!

Themed Worry Worm Crochet Patterns

There are so many different types of worry worms. I've made Halloween-themed worry worms and a Christmas themed ones. Check out this Themed Worry Worm Pattern Bundle Sale!

  • 6 crochet patterns for inspiration all year round
  • Easy beginner-friendly patterns with written instructions & step-by-step photo tutorials.
  • FB Community Group Support in case you have any questions.

Worry Worm crochet pattern pdf download

Worry Worm crochet pattern pdf download

Pumpkin Worry Worm Pattern

Pumpkin Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF

Valentine's Worry Worm Pattern

Valentine's Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF - Valentine's Worry Worm Crochet Pattern

Bee Worry Worm Pattern


Ghost Worry Worm Pattern


Snowman Worry Worm Pattern


Elf Worry Worm Pattern

Elf Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF - 1

Easter Worry Worm Pattern

Easter Bunny Crochet Pattern

Basic Worry Worm Pattern

Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF

Black Cat Worry Worm Pattern


Gnome Cat Worry Worm Pattern



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