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Worry Worm Crochet Pattern PDF


Put a big smile on someone’s face with these cute little crochet worry worms! Easy & super quick crochet project to whip up and oh so satisfying!

Worry Worm Crochet Pattern

(For Random Acts of Crochet Kindness)

Crochet worry worms became a real hit when a FB Group called “Random Acts of Crochet Kindness” came up with the idea to distribute these simple crochet worry worms with a poem packaged in a small see-through plastic baggie or organza bag anywhere you can think of… in the woods, playground, nursing home, school, camping area… wherever.

These cute crochet worry worms are meant to put a smile on whoever finds them and comfort them in times of sorrow or stress.

The idea of these worry worms is to go out of one’s way to make another person smile. It builds a sense of community in kind acts, and attempts to make the world a bit lighter and brighter!

The best thing about these crochet worry worms is that they are super easy and fast to whip up, which make them ideal projects for beginner crocheters.

Not only will you feel accomplished when you’ve created a few of these, you’ll also feel great about yourself when you actually go out and hide them around your neighbourhood for people to find them and brighten up their day 🙂



This is a perfect quick crochet project to give away as gifts to a child, someone who has anxiety or just needs a hug.
Worry worms are generally used for ROACKs (Random Acts of Crochet Kindness).

You should have basic knowledge of crocheting to complete this pattern and know how to make the following stitches:


  • ch = chain
  • mc = magic circle
  • sc = single crochet
  • dc = double crochet
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • st = stitch
  • sts = stitches
  • fo = fasten off

If you do not know how to crochet the Magic Circle, no worries! An alternative method is included in the pattern.


Length = 6″ / 15cm
Weight = 0.17 oz/ 4 – 5 g
Yardage = 10 yards / 9.2m of yarn






US Terms


This product is for a CROCHET PATTERN only.

This is NOT for a finished physical item. Nothing will be shipped to you by post. You will download a digital file that you can save on your computer/tablet or cell phone.

NO RETURNS or REFUNDS will be issued on Instant Downloads after pattern/s have been downloaded.

This pattern explains how I make a worry worms. It is NOT GUARANTEED that your finished project looks exactly the same. This will depend on a number of reasons: yarn and hook you use, your crocheting skills, style, tension, etc.

This pattern or its parts may not be REPLICATED, ALTERED, SHARED or RESOLD without permission.

You may SELL physical items made from this pattern, but please GIVE CREDIT to me as the designer (see below).

Rights are NOT transferrable.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them for you before or after your purchase.

Design and photos are copyright of Start Crochet [May Shehab] © 2022.



I love the worry worm project, and will be making it soon! I care for my 89 year old mother at her Senior Living Facility, and once per month she and I host a "Free Table" where we supply a variety of items for anyone to take for free, residents, staff, and visitors alike.

I am a crochet and craft lady, and so I've begun making a basket full of small items such as these for anyone to take, and they have been a huge hit! They (and I) especially love the poems or prayers attached to each item.Whatever doesn't get taken that day gets put out at the reception desk, but rarely do they make it out there either!

Thank you for sharing the patterns and the poems! I will try and take a picture or two of the worry worm projects and post it at the end of this month!


Colleen Crownhart

Thank you, May, for offering the worry worm pattern for free as part of the September Makes Blog Hop!
It is such a cute pattern, and just looking at it brings a smile!


Thank you so much Colleen for sharing this with us! What a great initiative! I love to hear about how people use these worry worms all over the world! Would definitely love to see some photos of your worry worm projects 🙂
Blessings to you and to your mother too 🙂
I love designing small items for Random Acts of Crochet Kindness.
You might want to have a look at the Mandala Pattern which would be another nice idea for the Senior Living Facility, or some small flowers perhaps.
You can find the Free Patterns here:
Have a lovely day!


Thank you for doing this. I used to make these years and years ago before they were called Worry Worms. I had forgotten how to make them.



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