Easy Ghost Worry Worm 

Crochet Pattern

Are you looking for a super quick Halloween crochet project you can whip up in under 10-minutes?

Meet Hailey the Hug-a-Boo Worm. This cute little "Ghost Worry Worm"  is a not-so-spooky companion to keep the kiddos entertained and worry-free this Halloween.

You can use this little Ghost Worry Worm as

  • gifts for kids, 

  • in classrooms as a calming tool,

  • for trick-or-treats or

  • to hide out & about for people to find.

It's an easy and fun project that your children will adore, and it's the perfect addition to your Halloween decor.

Interesting Note: Did you know that the technique used to crochet curly surfaces is called hyperbolic crochet? When I discovered this was actually a mathematical term for "negative curvature", I was really intrigued! 

Think of the types of curvature you see in coral reefs or lettuce leaves. These organic shapes can be replicated in crochet by adding stitches at a constant rate to each row of crochet. The more frequently you add stitches, the curlier (and more negatively curved) your crochet project gets.  Isn't that awesome?! You can watch a video about hyperbolic crochet here.

And if you'd like to check out a little experiment I made about crocheting Corkscrew Spirals using different stitches & stitch counts, you can have a look at this post here.


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Themed Worry Worm Patterns Bundle

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Materials Needed

easy ghost crochet pattern
Crochet Worry Worm Eyes - 15 Creative Options
  •  For the mouth, either a strand of black yarn to make a smile, or a small piece of black felt cut out into a tiny oval shape.
  • Glue to attach the eyes and felt mouth.

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Skill Level

Beginner (knowledge of how to work a Magic Circle or alternative required).

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12 sts & 16 rows = 4” (10 cm) in sc

Gauge is not really that crucial for this project. Just try experimenting with different hook sizes & different weight yarns to get a gauge you are happy with for the project you are working on.

If your ghost worry worm looks narrower than you anticipated, try a thicker weight yarn.

If you want your ghost worry worm to be longer, just increase the number of stitches in your beginning chain.


This Ghost Worry Worm measures about 4.7 “ (12 cm) in height.

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Weight: 5 gm
Approximately 7.4 yards (6.8 meters)

3 uses for worry worms


- You can use any type of yarn as long as you have a corresponding crochet hook size (check yarn label for recommendations).

- You can make the pattern larger or smaller by changing the type of yarn and/or hook size. 

- Numbers at the end of each row (in brackets) indicate the number of final stitches in that row. 

- Beginning ch 2 counts as a stitch.

- Please note that I use US crochet terms. 

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Worry worm poem tag printable

Printable PDF Pattern

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Ghost Worry Worm Crochet Pattern 
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easy crochet worry worm patterns

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Ghost Worry Worm crochet pattern

Ghost Worry Worm Pattern Instructions

  • Start your worry worm’s head with a Magic Circle (MC), ch 2 (counts as first dc).
    Note: If you don't know how to work a MC, you can check out these videos to learn, or start with a ch 2, then work 10 dc into the second chain from your hook.
  • Worry Worm crochet pattern
  • Round 1: 9 dc into MC (10).
  • Crochet worry worm pattern
  • Pull your MC closed tight,
  • easy worry worm crochet pattern
    • Sl st to the top of ch 2 to join.
    easy ghost crochet pattern free
  • Row 1: ch 21 (This is the center of your ghost’s body) (21).
  • free worry worm crochet pattern
    • Row 2: 4 sc into the second ch from your hook. 4 sc into each st across towards the ghost’s head (80).
    worry worm crochet pattern pdf
  • Sl st into the same st you started from to join body to head.
  • easy worry worm crochet pattern free
  • Curl your ghost’s body by twisting it into shape (you could use a pencil and twist around it).
    • Ch 4, sl st into the first ch (picot st) (This is your ghost’s right arm).
    crochet worry worm pattern random acts of crochet kindness
    • Sl st into the same st from where you started your ch 4.
    crochet worry worm written pattern
    • Sl st loosely into the next 8 sts.
    how to crochet a worry worm
    • Ch 4, sl st into the first ch (picot st) (This is your ghost’s left arm).
    crochet worry worm pattern written
    easy crochet ghost pattern
    • Sl st into the same st from where you started your ch 4.
  • Sl st into the last st (from where you started your body chain).
  • easiest crochet ghost pattern
    • Leaving a 4” tail, cut your yarn and pull it through your last st to fo.
    mini ghost crochet pattern
    • Pull your beginning yarn tail to ensure the hole in your ghost’s head is closed tightly.
  • Tie the beginning tail to the end tail and secure with a double knot. Cut excess.
  • ghost face crochet pattern


    You have several options for embellishing your Ghost Worry Worm. Here’s what you can do:


    Option 1:

    • Cut a 4” length of black yarn and thread through  your darning needle.
    • Stitch in the eyes of your ghost by stitching two small vertical stripes.

    Option 2:

    • Glue on some 5 mm  stick-on eyes.
    mini crochet ghost pattern


    Option 1: Stitch Yarn

    • Stitch a short horizontal line for the mouth of your worry worm. 
    • Tie the 2 black strands at the back of the head with a double knot. Cut excess. 
    ghost crochet pattern easy
    ghost crochet ornament
    ghost crochet pattern

    Note: You could finish off your worry worm at this point, but if you’d like to hide the black yarn at the back of your worry worm’s head, then you can crochet another circle as you did in Rounds 1 & 2 above and stitch it to the back of your ghost’s head. You could even add a little bit of stuffing if you like before you sew the front & back heads together. 

    Option 2: Glue Yarn

    You could glue on a small strand of yarn for the mouth. This way, you won’t have any excess black yarn showing from the back of the head.

    ghost crochet pattern for beginners

    Option 3: Glue Felt

    • Cut a piece of felt into a tiny oval shape for the mouth & attach with a dab of glue.
    free crochet ghost pattern

    Go ahead and experiment with different facial expressions for your little Ghost Worry Worm! You can give it more of a spooked ghost look with the oval or a happy ghost with a smile. You'll have so much fun with him 🙂 

    What do you prefer? Smile or oval mouth? Let me know in the comments below.

    ghost worry worm crochet pattern free


    I hope you enjoyed making this cute little ghost worry worm! What will you be using it for?

    I’d love to hear from you!

    Happy hooking!

    May 🙂

    easy crochet ghost pattern free
    crochet ghost patterns

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    amigurumi halloween crochet patterns

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    Halloween crochet patterns

    And if you still haven't found a Halloween crochet project you like, you'll surely find it here. Happy hooking!

    Easy Halloween Crochet Patterns- Start Crochet

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  • This was a super easy pattern to follow. The designer wrote the pattern in simple terms that are easy to understand

  • This is such a quick and fun project. It is an easy pattern that beginners can use. It uses a small amount of yarn and can help use up all those leftover amounts. My son loves the feel of this Ghost Worry Worm in blanket(6-bulky) yarn. This pattern will work with any weight yarn and still be as adorable!

  • This ghostie worry worm is so fast and easy to make! It’s well written with pictures in case you get stuck and there are options for making the eyes and the mouth. They will look great on a Halloween Themed tree, on a tiered tray or just use them as intended… a worry worm. I’m making several for my daughters classroom….she’s a Special Ed teacher and I think the kids will enjoy fiddling with them when the need to. There are so many types of “worry worms” to make! You’ll want to make them all! There’s even a bundle you can get so that you’ve got them all in one place. ALL the worry worms in the series are a MUST MAKE! ❤️ Happy Crocheting!!!❤️

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