Kitty With A Cat Hat
Worry Worm With Wooden Head Crochet Pattern

This Kitty Worry Worm came to life because of a mistake I made ordering its head!

I made an online order for these beads with cats’ faces drawn on them, and when it arrived in the post, I was surprised to see that it was much bigger than I had imagined!

Here’s a lesson I learned… always check to see the size of something before you order it!

In any case, I liked how it looked and thought I’d better design a cute worry worm and a cat hat to fit this bead, and so I sat down while my kids were happily playing at a children’s festival and created Kitty with a Cat Hat 🙂

I hope you enjoy this pattern and if you have any questions, you can ask them in the where you will surely get the help you’re looking for.

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Kitty With A Cat Hat Worry Worm With Wooden Head crochet pattern

Materials Needed

  • Wooden Print Cat Doll Head Beads (30 mm) available on Ebay and Amazon. These are quite LARGE, so make sure you have the right size.
  • Yarn in 2 contrasting colors - Ricorumi DK 100% cotton, 25 g (57.5 m). I used Pink & Light Blue
  • Crochet hook size E (3.5 mm)
  • A darning needle
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue (if you’d like the cat hat to stay in place),


Skill Level

  • Beginner


13 stitches and 4 rows = 5 cm in double crochet

If your Worry Worm looks narrow or not as full as you anticipated, try a heavier weight yarn.  If you want your Worry Worm  to be longer, just increase the number of stitches in your body chain.


This Kitty Worry Worm measures approx. 5.5 “ (14 cm) in height including the head & hat.


Weight: 14 grams

Yardage: Approximately 32.2 meters of yarn


- You can use any type of yarn as long as you have a corresponding crochet hook size (check yarn label for recommendations). 

- You can make the pattern larger or smaller by changing the type of yarn and/or hook size. 

- Numbers at the end of each row (in brackets) indicate the number of final stitches in that row. 

- Please note that I use US crochet terms. 

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PDF Pattern To Download & Print

You may also purchase this pattern from Ravelry if you prefer.

Kitty With A Cat Hat Crochet Pattern 
PDF Printable

worry worm with wooden bead pdf

"Certificate of Adoption" For Kitty With a Cat Hat
(Girl & Boy)
PDF Printable

Certificate of adoption Printable PDF

Kitty With A Cat Hat Worry Worm Pattern Instructions


  • With yarn color 1, ch 40. Sl st into the first chain. Do not cut your yarn.
crochet cat pattern
cat crochet free pattern


  • Row 1: Ch 21 (21).
cat crochet free pattern
  • Row 2: Starting with the second chain from your hook, place 3 sc into each st across until you reach back to where you slip stitched (60).

Note: Place your sc stitches into the front loops of your chain.

cat free pattern crochet
free cat pattern crochet
  • Slip stitch into the last stitch (where you slip stitched before).
free crochet pattern for a cat
  • Leaving a 4” tail, cut your yarn and fasten off.
worry worm with wooden head
  • Tie a knot with your 2 tail ends.
worry worm with wooden round head
  • Row 3: Attach yarn color 2 to your last st, ch 2.
worry worm wooden face pattern

Note: Place your Row 3 stitches into both loops of the previous row's stitches. Try to work over your tail ends so you don't have to weave them in later.

worry worm wooden face free pattern
  • 4 dc into each st all the way down (240).
worry worm wooden face pattern free
worry worm wooden head pattern free
  • Leaving a 4” tail, cut your yarn and fasten off.
  • With a small crochet hook (ideally size B 2.25 mm), pull the hanger (beginning chain) through the center hole of the kitty head bead from bottom to top. Do not tie a knot yet. 
wooden head crochet pattern for beginners
easy wooden bead crochet patterns


  • Row 1: With yarn color 1, leave a long 10" tail, tie a slip knot on your hook, ch 10 (10).
easy worry worm wooden head pattern
simple worry worm wooden head pattern free
  • Row 2: Sc into the second ch from your hook and into each st across. Ch 1 & turn (9).
 easy worry worm wooden head pattern free

Note: Ch 1 turning chain does not count as a stitch.

worry worm wooden bead pattern free
worry worm wooden bead pattern free crochet
  • Rows 3 - 16: Repeat Row 2 instructions till you reach Row 16 (9).
simple crochet worry worm wooden bead pattern free
  • Leaving a long 10" tail, cut your yarn and fasten off.

NotePlace a stitch marker into the first stitch of each row and count 9 stitches per row so you don't miss any stitches and get a wonky hat! Use a row counter if you have one, or keep tab of what row you've just completed with a pen & paper.

Crochet Straight Edges Every Time
  • Fold your cat hat in half so that the rows show horizontally.
easy crochet worry worm wooden bead pattern free
  • With your yarn needle, stitch the sides together on both sides using the whip stitch. You can see how to work this stitch here.
easy crochet worry worm wooden
wooden bead crochet pattern
crochet with wooden bead
  • Turn your cat hat inside out.
  • Fold over the edges of your cat hat and stitch a couple of sts on either side to hold it in place.
  • Weave in all your ends.
  • Pinch the 2 corners of your cat hat to accentuate the ears.
wooden bead crochet pattern free
  • With your hook, pull the strap through the top of the cat's head and lower the head towards the body.
simple wooden bead crochet patterns for beginners
  • Place the hanger inside the cat hat and with your crochet hook, pull out the hanger from the center of the hat & a couple of rows towards the front (so that the hat doesn’t slip over the cat’s eyes). Adjust as necessary.
  • Tie a simple knot with the hanger as close as possible to the hat to secure it in place.
 easy wooden bead crochet patterns for beginners

I hope you enjoyed making this cute little Kitty with a Cat Hat Worry Worm! What will you be using it for?

I’d love to hear from you!

Happy hooking!

May 🙂

Worry Worm With Wooden Head 1

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