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I've been so busy lately and panicking about when I'll have the time to send out all our Christmas cards to family & friends!

I haven't even had the chance to buy any pretty cards yet! And I'm not really keen on getting generic ones from the store...

Everyone knows I'm a crocheter, so I'd love to add a little touch of crochet to my Christmas cards this year.

I thought about what I could make that wouldn't take up too much time or energy... something I could get to the post pretty quickly.

So I came up with these simple little Christmas card designs and I thought I'd share them with you.

Like this card, but not ready to print it yet? Save it to Pinterest!


You can print out the designs on card stock, crochet as many circles as you need, attach with some glue or tie a knot in the back and there you have it! Your very own creative Christmas cards this year!

Let me know if you like them and if you have any other ideas!


I've prepared some visual instructions so you can get a quick overview of the steps to make your very own DIY crochet Christmas cards this year.

You'll find more details instructions below.

If you have any questions about this tutorial, please drop me a comment below.

DIY Crochet Christmas Card
(Printable Template)

Crochet-Christmas-Card-DIY Template

Crochet-Christmas-Card-DIY Template

DIY Crochet Christmas Card Idea

So for this tutorial, I'd like to show you how to make your very own DIY Christmas Cards this year and add a little piece of crochet embellishment that will add a really cute handmade touch.

I've prepared a printable template for you that you can download on your computer and print out. This makes it really easy and speeds up the process (in case you're late in sending your Christmas cards as I am this year!!)

If you're good at drawing, you could, of course, also draw your own reindeer antlers and add your crocheted nose as you'll see in the photos below.

Materials Needed

  • A printer (you could either print the cards at home or have them professionally printed at your local print shop or online)
  • Some classic worsted weight yarn in Red. Any yarn would do really, just make sure it's not hairy or fuzzy.
  • Crochet hook that fits your yarn. Generally I use between a size G/4mm to H/5mm hook.
  • A tapestry needle
  •  A pair of scissors
  • Card stock
  • A hole puncher
  • Glue (a glue stick, glue dots, or double-sided tape)
  • Craft Glue or Hot Glue Gun (to stick the nose) - optional
  • Tape (to hold knotted yarn threads in place) - optional

Like this printable idea but not ready to work it yet? Save it to Pinterest!



  • ch = chain
  • mc = magic circle
  • dc = double crochet
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • st = stitch
  • sts = stitches
  • fo = fasten off

Skill Level



  • You can use any type of yarn as long as you have a corresponding crochet hook size (check yarn label for recommendations)
  • I use US crochet terms. Here's a US/UK Conversion Chart

US vs. UK Crochet Terms & Symbols
Free Printable

US vs UK Crochet Terms and Symbols - Start Crochet


Note: Gauge is not that crucial for this tutorial. Just try experimenting with different hook sizes to get a gauge you are happy with to get the right fit for the Reindeer's nose.


This Christmas Card measures 7" x 5" (17.5 cm x 12.5 cm) when assembled

DIY Crochet Christmas Card Instructions

To make sure your DIY Crochet Christmas Card comes out just perfect, please follow these instructions carefully:

1. Print Your Christmas Card Template

The first thing you need to do for these cards is to print out the Christmas card template I've designed for you. Before you print:

  • See how many copies you will need, 
  • Decide what color card stock you will use (something light-colored would be best)
  • Print a test-page first, then if everything looks fine, go ahead and print all copies.

DIY Crochet Christmas Card
(Printable Template)

Crochet-Christmas-Card-DIY Template

DIY Christmas Envelope
(Printable Template)

Crochet Christmas Card & Envelope  Crochet Christmas Card Template

2. Cut The Template To Size

After printing out the Reindeer Christmas Card template, start by cutting off the outer edges.

DIY Christmas Cards Reindeer

3. Fold You Christmas Card

After you've cut the template to size, hold a ruler on the center line and fold upwards.

DIY Christmas Cards Ideas

After you've folded your card in half, fold it the opposite way (downwards) to close the card.

DIY Christmas Card Ideas
Handmade Christmas Cards Ideas

4. Crochet The Reindeer's Nose (A Flat Circle)

If you don't already know how to crochet in the round, have a look at this blog post on how to crochet a flat circle that will show you the exact steps to follow.

How to crochet a flat circle tutorial

For the purposes of this Christmas card, you'll only need to crochet one round using double crochet stithces. You can crochet 2 rounds, of course, if you're using thin yarn or you feel like giving your reindeer a super large nose! 

If you crochet 2 rounds, make sure to double up your stitches, so that you crochet 2 dc stitches in each stitch (to make sure your circle lays flat). You will then have 20 dc stitches for round 2.

What would be really neat, is if you could start your crocheted piece with a Magic Circle.

A lot of people struggle with this, so have a look at this blog post that shows you several ways to crochet a Magic Circle.

5 Best Youtube Videos on How To Crochet A Magic Circle For Beginners - Start Crochet

Ok, I'm assuming you've tried to crochet a Magic Circle now... you either managed to get it, or you didn't.

No worries if you didn't! Don't get all worked up about it!

Alternatives To The Magic Circle

There are several alternatives that will also work.

  1. You could either start with a chain 2, then crochet the rest of your stitches into the second chain from your hook.
  2. Or you could start with a chain 3, slip stitch into the first chain to form a circle, then continue to crochet your double crochet stitches for that round into your beginning circle.

Note: If you crochet your circles using the alternative methods, you'll probably find a bit of a gap in the center of your circle.

To get rid of that gap, simply stitch it closed with a darning needle from the back of your work with the yarn tail that's left over from where you started.

Crochet Flat Circle Pattern Using Double Crochet Stitches

  • Start off with a Magic Circle, then ch 2 (counts as your first dc)

Note: If you don't know how to crochet a Magic Circle, skip this step and proceed to Alternatives 1 or 2 below.

Round 1

  • Into that circle you just created, work 9 dc stitches
  • Join to the top of your first ch 2 with a sl st (10)
  • Pull your beginning yarn tail tight to close the center gap, leave a 4" tail, cut your yarn and fasten off.


Alternative 1:

  •  Start off with a ch 2
  • Work 10 dc into the second chain from your hook. (10)
  • Join to the top of your first dc with a sl st.
  • Leave a 4" tail, cut your yarn and fasten off.


Alternative  2: 

  • Start off by tying a slip knot, then Ch 3
  • Join to the first ch stitch with slip stitch to form a circle.
  • Into the circle you just created, work 10 dc. (10)
  • Join to the top of your first dc with a sl st.
  • Leave a 4" tail, cut your yarn and fasten off.

5. Attach Your Crocheted Nose To The Reindeer

Now you can decide whether you want to:

  1. glue your crocheted circles to the Christmas cards,
  2. or if you'd rather tie a knot in the back and secure with tape.

A. Gluing On The Nose

If you choose to glue on the nose, you will have to first weave in your 2 ends using your darning needle to make sure it doesn't unravel and to give it a clean finished look.

Reindeer nose crochet

After weaving in your ends, you could either use a hot glue gun or craft glue to attach the Reindeer's nose. 

It would be best to place the glue on the crocheted circle, then stick it on the indicated circle on the card. 

Use just a small mount of glue so you don't create a mess 🙂

B. Tying On The Nose

If you'd prefer to tie on the Reindeer's nose, you will need to punch 2 small holes on the outer edges of the circle indicated on the printable (see arrow below).

Christmas Card DIY

For this method, you do not have to weave in your ends on your crocheted circle, but you do need to bring the outer strand to the center of your circle (the strand you cut off when you finished your circle).

Reindeer nose crochet

The only downside to this method is that you will have a small bump on the inside of the card from where you've knotted the nose into place.

Xmas Card Crochet Ideas

You could avoid this bump by simply taping down the 2 strands on either side.

Xmas card crochet

I chose to add a red paper to the inside of the card for some contrast. I glued an A4 paper in place, then trimmed the excess to make the paper the same size as the card.

Handmade Christmas Cards Crochet Idea

I then added another white paper (about 2" smaller from each side) where I will write my personalized Christmas Greetings on.

DIY Christmas Cards Crochet Reindeer ideas

6. Completing Your Handmade Christmas Cards

Now that you're done with your Christmas card, you can keep the minimalist look or you could embellish your card with some glitter, stickers, or give it your own personalized touch with a drawing.

I'd love to see what you come up with! Leave me a comment below or tag me on social media with my handle @startcrochet if you post a photo online.


And that's all there is to it! Your very own handmade Christmas cards 🙂

DIY Crochet Christmas Card
(Printable Template)

Crochet-Christmas-Card-DIY Template

DIY Christmas Envelope
(Printable Template)

Crochet Christmas Card & Envelope  Crochet Christmas Card Template

Handmade Christmas Card Envelope (Printable Template)

Well, now that you're done with your handmade Christmas card, you're probably thinking you need to head to the store now to buy some envelopes!

No worries, you don't need to go anywhere 🙂

I designed a simple envelope to match your card's design.

You can print out as many as you need, cut, fold & glue them. 

Insert your Christmas cards into the envelope, add your stamps and off to the post 🙂

Christmas Envelope Template Instructions

This will be a similar process to the Christmas Card above. So first thing you need to do is:

1. Print Your Christmas Envelope Template

Make sure you set your printer to Size A4 and print on 100%

Print a test page first, check if your card fits within the boundaries, then continue to print as many envelopes as you need.

Gather your tools: Ruler, a pair of scissors & paper glue.

Christmas Envelope Template Printable
Christmas Envelopes Template

2. Fold Your Christmas Card Envelope

  1. Carefully fold along the centerline of the envelope. It helps to fold along a ruler first in one direction, then folding over in the other direction.
  2. Fold the side flaps of your Christmas Envelope downwards (x 4),
  3. At the end, fold down the closing flap.
Christmas Envelopes DIY

3. Cut The Corners off Your Christmas Card Envelope Template

Now that you have your template printed out, grab a pair of scissors and cut along the lines where it says "Cut".

You will cut out 4 triangles in total (one on each end of the center fold and one on each side of the closing flap).


4. Glue The Sides Of Your Christmas Envelope

You only need to glue 2 sides of your Christmas Envelope (see arrows in photo below). Fold your other 2 sides on top of the glue to attach them together.

Christmas Envelope DIY

5. Completing Your Handmade Christmas Cards Envelopes

Repeat this process with all the envelopes you need to create.

I suggest you make each step for all the envelopes together, then continue to the next step (instead of completing all the steps for each envelope separately). This is just a suggestion to speed up your process.

Christmas Envelope Ideas

Once you're done with all your envelopes, insert your Handmade Crochet Christmas Cards in the envelopes, write the addresses on the cards, stick your top flap closed with glue and stick your stamps in place (if you have them already). Now you're all set to head to the post office

Christmas Envelope Template

DIY Crochet Christmas Card
(Printable Template)

Crochet-Christmas-Card-DIY Template

DIY Christmas Envelope
(Printable Template)

Crochet Christmas Card & Envelope  Crochet Christmas Card Template
xmas envelope template

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will be able to make lots of handmade Christmas Cards this year! Make a list of all your card recipients, crochet that number of circles and print out as many copies of this card & matching envelope as you need.

Let me know if you have any questions and...

Happy crafting!

May xx

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