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Crocheted baby toys (amigurumi) are simply adorable and so much fun to make! There's an extra special feeling when making a cute huggable soft toy for your baby, with your own two hands.

I chose a selection of the most adorable amigurumi crochet baby toys from Deramores.  All patterns are FREE to instantly download, but if you want to buy the kits, that's an option you'll find in all the amigurumis listed below.

1. Dera-Cats Family Crochet Pattern

If you're looking for good quality patterns for amigurumis that are fun to make, look no further!

Deramores is offering these awesome patterns for free so you can enjoy making your child a cute little kittie that she/he will surely love to bits!

Via Deramores

Dera-Cats Family Crochet Kit and Pattern - Start Crochet

Crochet Gift Tags 

Free Printable

Crocheting a gift for a loved one? Why not personalize it with a cute gift tag? Yours FREE here. 

Free Printable Crochet Gift Tags - Start Crochet

2. Bunny Rabbit Crochet Pattern

Here's a pattern for beginners that's really easy to follow.

This 'hoppy rabbit' will be your child's favourite!

It'll be hard for kids to let go of this adorable bunny!

Bunny Rabbit Crochet Kit and Pattern - Start Crochet

3. Elephant Flat Toy Crochet Pattern in Patons Yarn

If you're out of time and need to crochet a soft toy FAST, here's a brilliant idea for a flat elephant toy, ideal for babies.

Via Deramores

Elephant Flat Toy Crochet Kit and Pattern in Patons Yarn - Start Crochet

4. Amigurumi Dakota the Dalmatian Dera-Dogs Crochet Pattern

How about this cute dalmation dog? It's a good size for easy crocheting (21cm tall) and doesn't use up too much yarn. 

Via Deramores

Amigurumi Dakota the Dalmatian Dera-Dogs Crochet Kit and Pattern - Start Crochet

5. Snow Deer Crochet Pattern

If Christmas is around the corner, here's a super cute snow deer pattern that'll surely make a lovely personalized gift for one lucky child.

Via Deramores

Snow Deer Crochet Kit and Pattern- Start Crochet

6. Easter Kids Crochet Pattern in Sirdar Yarn

These cute little Easter Kids are to die for! They're 14cm tall and would be so much fun for your kids to play with! Let them enter your kids' fantasy worlds!!

Via Deramores

Easter Kids Crochet Kit and Pattern in Sirdar Yarn - Start Crochet

7. Dera-donkey and Dera-horse Dougie & Hettie Crochet  Pattern

This adorable horse and donkey pattern comes complete with saddle, reins and nose band. It's intermediate level, but well worth the effort to give them a shot!

Via Deramores

Dera-horse and dera-donkey by Heather Gibbs - Start Crochet

Want to Simplify Your Crochet Experience?

I've designed many printables you can download for FREE that'll help you with your crocheting. You'll find simple sizing templates, project trackers, free gift tags, crochet terms explained and much more. Head on over to the Start Crochet's Printables Page and download what you need. 

Free Crochet Printables - Start Crochet

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