Summer crochet ideas

10+ Free Summer Crochet Patterns For Beginners (2023)

Looking for some awesome summer crochet patterns?

With the weather warming up, we're all digging around to find some fun summer crochet projects!!

I've come across some really cool summer crochet ideas and thought I'd share them with you quickly!

You didn't think crochet is just for winter, did you?

There are tons of crochet ideas for all seasons...

Most people like to read by the pool in summer, but hey, why not bring your crochet hook and some yarn and get working on a beautiful summer crochet project instead?

Don't forget your sunscreen though!

I curated my favourite list of summer crochet ideas I'm going to crochet this season. They're all free patterns too! 

Have a look and choose your favourite 🙂

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Free Summer Crochet Patterns For Beginners

1. Summer Hat Crochet Pattern

Keep your head protected! This summer hat is super easy to work up and uses Raffia Yarn. It's great to experiment with new types of yarn and create something that's so beautiful and useful too! I tried it out and am delighted with the results! Give it a try!

Via Crochet Kingdom


And if you're really into summer hats, check out these  15 trendy bucket hat patterns.

2. Heptica Granny Top Free Crochet Pattern

Check out this cute halterneck top that is so easy to make and has a row of adorable granny squares at the bottom.  

It's tied from the back so you can adjust to fit snugly on your body.

Recommended yarn: Rowan Handknit Cotton

Via Hooked by Anna

crochet summer - Heptica Granny Top - Start Crochet

3. Beach Day Accessory Crochet Pouch Free Crochet Pattern

This crochet pouch is so adorable, and functional too!

It's a perfect fit for your sunglasses, phone, keys and other valuables that you want to keep with you on the beach, but keep out of the sand.

The pouch is lined and closed with a zipper to keep all your belongings safely inside and the sand kindly outside.

Recommended Yarn: Premier Home® Cotton Yarn 

summer crochet project - Beach Day Crochet Accessoris Pouch - Start Crochet

4. Sturdy Market Tote Free Crochet Pattern

Ever tried working a crochet project using two strands at the same time? It's fun and makes your project have a nice bulky look. It'll be sturdy enough to carry your heavy market purchases. Can be used as a beach bag too, of course.

Recommended yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease Quick & Thick

Via Delia Creates

Crochet Market Tote Free Pattern - Start Crochet

5. Crochet Swimsuit Free Pattern

What a delight this trendy swimsuit is! It uses elastic yarn, but other crocheters have worked it up with acrylic yarn and it came out just fine. Give it a shot and make yourself a super sexy swimsuit this summer! Enjoy!

Via Beautiful Crochet Stuff

Summer crochet swimsuit free pattern - Start Crochet

Are you getting too excited and starting several crochet projects without finishing them? No worries! This happens to all of us crocheters!

Just print out this Free Crochet Project Tracker and keep track of all you WIPS.

Don't know what WIPs are? Check out this list of Crochet Slang Terms.

Have you started several crochet projects and are worried you won't remember your hook size, the yarn you used or which pattern you were following? Download this Free Crochet Project Tracker and keep it in your projects folder.

Crochet Project Tracker
 Free Printable

Keep track of your crochet projects with these printable sheets.

Crochet Project Tracker Project Name: Designer Name: Pattern Source/Video: Materials Used: Hook Size: Gauge: Made For: Occasion: Start Date: Date Completed: Yarn Brand Yarn Weight Lot # of Skeins/Yardage YARNS Stick, staple or glue yarn labels here YARN

Your info is 100% secure and will never be shared.

6. Crochet Boho Tank Top Free Pattern

What a perfect summer beach top to make you stand out from the crowd! Work up some 7 inch granny squares in Caron Simply Soft, join them and add some strands & a pretty button and voila! You've got yourself a most adorable boho tank top! Bonus: You can wear it back to front too!! (It is intermediate level, but well worth the challenge!)

Via Hooked On Homemade Happiness

Summer crochet ideas - Crochet Boho Tank Top Free Pattern - Start Crochet

7.  Crochet Sandals with Flip Flop Soles Free Crochet Pattern

Oh man! Aren't these sandals just to die for? Repurpose your old flip flops and use some Caron Simply Soft Cotton yarn to make these lacy… summery… breathable cotton… sandals 🙂

Via Sewrella

Summer Crochet Sandals with Flip Flop Soles (Sewrella) - Start Crochet

8.  Wind Spinner Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Wind Spinners are so easy to whip up. They make lovely decorations for your home and you could give them away as gifts as well. They are super beginner-friendly and are great stash busters too!

Via Start Crochet


9. The Boardwalk Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

Here's a cool project you'll get worked up with 100% worsted cotton yarn in no time at all! What a fun way to accessorize your summer outfits with this boardwalk scarf when the nights start to get cooler. 

Via Alex Resch (NimaLab)

Crochet Summer - The Boardwalk Scarf Free Crochet Pattern - Start Crochet

10. The Shamrock Flower Crown Free Crochet Pattern

How about wearing something a little festive this summer? This patterns combines 3 and 4-leaf clovers and there's no stitching together of individual clovers in the end? It works up seamlessly in no time at all using Lion Brand yarn!

Via She's Got The Notion

Shamrock Flower Crown Free Crochet Pattern - Start Crochet

11. Liv - Girl’s Top Free Crochet Pattern

Check out this sweet crochet top for your summer girl.

The top has lace on the chest, breaking up the front pattern of the top, creating really fine detail.

Liv is crochet in Rainbow 8/4, resulting in a light top perfect for the warmer days.

Via Hobbii

Girl's Top Free Crochet Pattern

12. Spirit of Summer Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

Feel like wearing a glorious shawl that's super soft, lightweight and airy? Well here's a simple pattern for you using Sheepjes Spirit Yarn. All you need to know is 3 basic stitches and you're good to go!

Via Crafts From The Cwtch

Spirit of Summer Crochet Shawl Free Pattern - Start Crochet

Frequently Asked Questions About Summer Crochet Ideas

Many people think crocheting is just for the winter, but this couldn't be further from the truth! There are so many crochet projects that are very appropriate for the summer. Let me give you some ideas:

What should I crochet in summer?

There are LOTS of projects you can crochet in summer. Here are a few ideas:

What cool things can I crochet?

And if you're looking for some really cool things to crochet during the summer, here are 10 ideas for you that would also make great gifts:

  • Sunflower crochet tote bag: A crochet tote bag can be used as a beach bag as well and is a perfect summer accessory. It's lightweight, stylish, and practical for carrying all your beach essentials.
  • Crochet sun hat: A crochet sun hat is another great summer accessory. It's perfect for keeping the sun out of your face and can make you look really stylish!
  • Crochet water bottle holder: A crochet water bottle holder is a practical item for staying hydrated during hot summer days. You can attach it to your bag or belt for easy access.
Crochet Water Bottle Holder Free Pattern

  • Crochet beach cover-up: A crochet beach cover-up is a great way to stay cool and stylish at the beach. It can be worn over your swimsuit or paired with shorts for a casual summer look.
  • Crochet sunglasses case: Protect your sunglasses from scratches and damage with a crochet sunglasses case. This is a small project perfect for beginners and can be completed quickly and easily.
  • Crochet headband: A crochet headband is a perfect accessory for keeping your hair out of your face during hot summer days. You can make them in a variety of colors and styles to match your outfits.
  • Crochet crop top: A crochet crop top is a stylish and lightweight wearable for summer. It's perfect for pairing with high-waisted shorts or skirts. Have a look at the awesome Granny Square Crochet Tops, perfect for summer.

  • Crochet water balloon holder: Keep your hands clean and dry while playing with water balloons with a crochet water balloon holder. It's a fun and practical project for summer.
  • Crochet cactus or succulent: If you don't have a green thumb, a crochet cactus or succulent is a great alternative. It's a fun and low-maintenance project that can add a touch of summer to your home décor.

These are just a few ideas for cool things to crochet during the summer. With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless!

What crochet items are trending 2023?

I just searched through Pinterest to see what crochet items are trending in 2023, and this is what I found:

Crochet tops were by far the more sought-after crochet projects for the summer of 2023. Then came crochet tote bags, sleeveless shirts and headbands.

So there you have it! Have a blast crocheting by the pool this summer and show off your favourite summer crochet project!

Happy crocheting!

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