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July 16


Crocheting is not just for winter, you know! Summer's here and it's time to crochet something beautiful you can use this season!

Most people like to read by the pool, but hey, why not bring your crochet hook and some yarn and get working on a beautiful project instead? Don't forget your sunscreen though!

I curated my favourite list of summer items I'm going to crochet this season. They're all free patterns too!

1. Summer Hat Crochet Pattern

Keep your head protected! This summer hat is super easy to work up and uses Luffy Paper Yarn. It's great to experiment with new types of yarn and create something that's so beautiful and useful too! I tried it out and am delighted with the results! Give it a try!

Via Yarn & Hooks

Crochet Summer Hat Free Pattern - Start Crochet

2. Heptica Granny Top

Check out this cute halterneck top that is so easy to make and has a row of adorable granny squares at the bottom. 

It's tied from the back so you can adjust to fit snugly on your body.

Via Hooked by Anna

Heptica Granny Top - Start Crochet

Crochet Gift Tags 

Free Printable

Crocheting a gift for a loved one? Why not personalize it with a cute gift tag? Yours FREE here. 

Free Printable Crochet Gift Tags - Start Crochet

3. Beach Day Accessory Crochet Pouch

This crochet pouch is so adorable, and functional too! It's a perfect fit for your sunglasses, phone, keys and other valuables that you want to keep with you on the beach, but keep out of the sand. The pouch is lined and closed with a zipper to keep all your belongings safely inside and the sand kindly outside.

Beach Day Crochet Accessoris Pouch - Start Crochet

4. Sturdy Market Tote

Ever tried working a crochet project using two strands at the same time? It's fun and makes your project have a nice bulky look. It'll be sturdy enough to carry your heavy market purchases. Can be used as a beach bag too, of course.

Via Delia Creates

Crochet Market Tote Free Pattern - Start Crochet

5. Crochet Swimsuit

What a delight this trendy swimsuit is! It uses elastic yarn, but other crocheters have worked it up with acrylic yarn and it came out just fine. Give it a shot and make yourself a super sexy swimsuit this summer! Enjoy!

Via Beautiful Crochet Stuff

Crochet Swimsuit Free Pattern - Start Crochet

6. Crochet Boho Tank Top

What a perfect summer beach top to make you stand out from the crowd! Work up some 7 inch granny squares, join them and add some strands & a pretty button and voila! You've got yourself a most adorable boho tank top! Bonus: You can wearing back to front too!! (It is intermediate level, but well worth the challenge!)

Via Hooked On Homemade Happiness

Crochet Boho Tank Top Free Pattern - Start Crochet

7. The Boardwalk Scarf

Here's a cool project you'll get worked up in no time at all! What a fun way to accessorize your summer outfits with this boardwalk scarf when the nights start to get cooler. 

Via Alex Resch (NimaLab)

The Boardwalk Scarf Free Crochet Pattern - Start Crochet

8. The Shamrock Flower Crown

How about wearing something a little festive this summer? This patterns combines 3 and 4-leaf clovers and there's no stitching together of individual clovers in the end? It works up seamlessly in no time at all!

Via She's Got The Notion

Shamrock Flower Crown Free Crochet Pattern - Start Crochet

9. Cat Face Mask

2020's the year we all had to start wearing face masks in the face of corona virus. For a while medical face masks were quite difficult to come by, so crocheting your own was one solution to this problem.  Crocheted face masks are by no means a substitute to medical ones, but at least they will cover your nose and mouth. And how about having some fun with them and stitching on a cute cat or mouse embellishment?!

Via Crochething

Crochet Cat Face Mask Free Pattern - Start Crochet

10. Spirit of Summer Shawl

Feel like wearing a glorious shawl that's super soft, lightweight and airy? Well here's a simple pattern for you! All you need to know is 3 basic stitches and you're good to go!

Via Crafts From The Cwtch

Spirit of Summer Crochet Shawl Free Pattern - Start Crochet

Crochet Gift Tags 

Free Printable

Crocheting a gift for a loved one? Why not personalize it with a cute gift tag? Yours FREE here. 

Free Printable Crochet Gift Tags - Start Crochet


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