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10 Best Gifts For Crocheters
That Are Incredibly Useful

Wondering what would make the best gift for a crocheter?

It's hard to think of something other than hooks and yarn to give as a gift to a crocheter.

Although these are great gifts, of course, sometimes we want to get something a little more original.

If you're looking for a really useful gift idea for a crocheter, I've picked out some wonderful items that are sure to please 🙂

You'll find a selection of best gifts for crocheters right here!

Have a look and let me know which one's your favourite 🙂

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Best Gifts For Crocheters

10 best gifts for crocheters that are incredibly useful start crochet

Boye Crochet Swiss Army Knife

Now if this isn't the coolest thing I've seen in a long time, I don't know what is!! Check out the crochet Swiss Army Knife.

One bonus is that you can save your works in progress. If you can't finish a project till later, no worries! Just close the hook while in the stitch and save it for later! The stitches won't unravel and you won't loose your hook in the yarn.

Sagittarius Streamline Zodiac

Furls crochet hooks are luxury hooks any crocheter would dream of! Sagittarius hooks have a deep, purple base, mustard yellow swirls, and tons of rainbow glitter throughout.

Sagittarians crochet hooks definitely have a lot to say! Each hook is hand-swirled and completely unique. 

Furls crochet hooks not only look stunning, but are a pleasure to crochet with as well. They're design makes it super easy for yarn to glide effortlessly which is especially helpful for people suffering from arthritis or generally feel pain in the hands when crocheting for a long time.

Have you started several crochet projects and are worried you won't remember your hook size, the yarn you used or which pattern you were following? Download this Free Crochet Project Tracker and keep it in your projects folder.

Crochet Project Tracker
 Free Printable

Keep track of your crochet projects with these printable sheets.

Crochet Project Tracker Project Name: Designer Name: Pattern Source/Video: Materials Used: Hook Size: Gauge: Made For: Occasion: Start Date: Date Completed: Yarn Brand Yarn Weight Lot # of Skeins/Yardage YARNS Stick, staple or glue yarn labels here YARN

Your info is 100% secure and will never be shared.

3. Crochet Hook with Light

I sometimes like to crochet in bed in the evening, but the strong light from my side-table lamp bothers my husband while sleeping! Not anymore, though!

Since I've discovered this Crochet Hook with Light, I've been able to crochet happily into the night without disturbing anyone!!  

4. Glasses With LED Light

This is another magical solution to crocheting in spaces that don't have sufficient lighting. These are safety glasses with strong LED lights that you can shine directly onto your crochet work and see those stitches super clear! 

These particular style doesn't come with magnification, but if you do need a little magnification, you can check out other brands on Amazon. Here is another example:

5. Digital Stitch Counter

Now here's a gift that's super cheap, but very useful for crocheters! You wear these digital stitch counters on your finger to keep count of your crochet stitches. You can use them for many other things too, just about anything you want to keep count of, so it's really multipurpose! That's why it's a good thing they come in a pack of four 🙂

I always thought yarn bowls are overrated. One could just DIY one, but trust me on this one. Only crocheters would understand what it's like to have your yarn ball keep rolling off your lap, get hair tangled into yarn, or chase those darn things all over the place! And don't even get me started of what an issue this can be if you have cats or young kids!! It can get real messy!!

So the yarn bowl is truly a problem-solver when it comes to crocheting. If you gift it to someone who's never used one, you'll be doing them a great favour and they'll be very pleased with the functionality of this bowl.

7. Yarn Cutter Pendant

Do you have any idea how many times a crocheter looks for that pair of scissors when it's time to cut off yarn? Let me tell you from personal experience, those scissors just tend to have a life of their own! They're just never there when you need them!! So here's a super nifty little gadget that'll solve that issue for any crocheter!

This pendant is clever and decorative, with a sharp blade inside that makes cutting yarn quick and easy.  You could either use it as a pendant on a necklace or hang it on your crochet project bag. Either way, it'll be easily accessible and you won't have to rummage through all your - whatever's around you- to find those darn scissors every time!

Once you've tried this, you'll never be able to live without it!

8. White Laptop Support

Why use a laptop support while crocheting, you ask? Well, if you're working with black yarn, or any dark yarn for that matter, having a white background like this will help you so much! It'll make it a lot easier to see those stitches 🙂 And, of course, it'll double up as a laptop support too!

yarn ball winder start crochet

This odd-looking gadget is super useful when you've got a  hank or skein and you want to transform it into a compact center-pull ball. You could, of course, do this manually, but oh boy, it is just so much easier and faster with this awesome yarn ball winder!

10. Crochet Kits

Annie's Hook & Needle Kit Club

annie's hook & needle kit club start crochet

Crochet Kits make wonderful gifts for crocheters! They create an element of surprise each month when the kit arrives in the post 🙂

The crochet kits include simple step-by-step instructions and are ideal for both beginners or advanced crocheters. The exciting thing is that you'll get to learn new stitches while making all sorts of fast, fun and easy-to-complete projects.

The Woobles Crochet Kits for Beginners

The Woobles having been taking the crochet world by storm lately, and for good reason.

Their cute Amigurumi crochet kits come with everything a newbie crocheter would need to start creating the most adorable plushies!

The Woobles kits come with yarn, crochet hook, stitch markers, written pattern and even a QR code that will take you to instructional videos that show the exact steps to take to create your Wooble character.

These crochet kits are meant for absolute beginner crocheters, but even experienced crocheters would love to get one of these Wooble kits for sure!


With this stylish leather clutch, any crocheter will have all the tools s/he needs while on the go. Naturally flexible leather provides the perfect hold around each Furls Crochet hook, or up to 3 conventional hooks, in each of the seven slots. 

It's great to have all your crochet gear in one spot, portable and ready to use at any opportunity to take out your WIP. (Not sure what WIP means? Find out more about Crochet Slang here.

11. Gift Card

And if you're really stuck and just have no idea what to get her, gift cards are always my go-to option!  

Recommended Gift Ideas For Crocheters
[Gift Certificates / Cards]:

The Woolery Gift Card - Start Crochet

The Woolery

KnitPicks Gift Card - Start Crochet

Knit Picks

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