DIY Christmas Envelopes Pdf Printable


December 9, 2023


December 9, 2023

DIY Christmas Envelopes (PDF Printable)

With these easy printable DIY Christmas Envelopes, you can send out all the Christmas cards you wish this year - even if you're on a very tight budget 🙂

This design matches this Crochet Christmas Card Template (Printable), so you have a set of Christmas Cards with matching envelopes.

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DIY Christmas Envelope Printable

Homemade Christmas Envelopes (PDF Printable)

DIY Christmas Card
(PDF Printable)

Crochet-Christmas-Card-DIY Template

DIY Christmas Envelope
(PDF Printable)

Crochet Christmas Card & Envelope Crochet Christmas Card Template

Christmas Envelope Template Instructions

1. Print Your Christmas Envelope Template

Make sure you set your printer to Size A4 and print on 100%

Print a test page first, check if your card fits within the boundaries, then continue to print as many envelopes as you need.

Gather your tools: Ruler, a pair of scissors & paper glue.

Christmas Envelope Template Printable
Christmas Envelopes Template

2. Fold Your Christmas Card Envelope

  1. Carefully fold along the centerline of the envelope. It helps to fold along a ruler first in one direction, then folding over in the other direction.
  2. Fold the side flaps of your Christmas Envelope downwards (x 4),
  3. At the end, fold down the closing flap.
Christmas Envelopes DIY

3. Cut The Corners off Your Christmas Card Envelope Template

Now that you have your template printed out, grab a pair of scissors and cut along the lines where it says "Cut".

You will cut out 4 triangles in total (one on each end of the center fold and one on each side of the closing flap).


4. Glue The Sides Of Your Christmas Envelope

You only need to glue 2 sides of your Christmas Envelope (see arrows in photo below). Fold your other 2 sides on top of the glue to attach them together.

Christmas Envelope DIY

5. Completing Your Handmade Christmas Cards Envelopes

Repeat this process with all the envelopes you need to create.

I suggest you make each step for all the envelopes together, then continue to the next step (instead of completing all the steps for each envelope separately). This is just a suggestion to speed up your process.

Christmas Envelope Ideas
Christmas Envelope Printable

Once you're done with all your envelopes, insert your Handmade Crochet Christmas Cards in the envelopes, write the addresses on the cards, stick your top flap closed with glue and stick your stamps in place (if you have them already). Now you're all set to head to the post office 🙂

Christmas Envelope Template

Why Buy This Christmas Envelope Template? 

Its Design

The minimalist snowflakes designed on this template allow you to customize your envelope however you like. You can print the envelope on any colored paper or add some sparkly glitter if you like.

Fast Delivery

No need to go out shopping, stand in line and waste time. You can download & print these envelopes right at home, in whatever quantities you need.

Save Money

This printable isn't pricey like fancy store ones, but it's just as amazing! You could print however many envelopes as you like, and you're paying for the equivalent of just a single store bought one.

Your Christmas Style

Pick the colors and patterns you love – make your sleeves as unique as you like, adding embellishments, glitter or your own hand drawings.

Instant Happiness

Super-fast downloads mean you can start printing and sharing your holiday happiness in no time – even if it's Christmas Eve!

Environmentally Friendly

Go green with just what you need, minimizing waste and give Mother a Christmas present too! 

Crafty Elf Activity

Follow the easy instructions and become a crafting elf! No need to be an expert – even the youngest elves can do it. 

Festive Family Fun

Do you have family, friends or any kids around (7+) who'd enjoy a little festive crafting activity? Share the joy of creating with friends and family for an extra sprinkle of holiday fun.

Digital Magic Backup Plan

Keep a secret digital copy as a backup – because you never know when you'll need more and you won't have to run back to the store! Don't we all remember that one last person we haven't sent a card to last-minute?

Support Independent Creators

When you get these, you're helping creators like me make more fun stuff for you and your family. Do you have any more ideas you'd like me to create?

Printer's Little Helper

Designed to play nice with most printers – so your holiday creations come out picture-perfect.


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