February 29, 2024


February 29, 2024
small bee crochet patterns

17 Small Bee Crochet Patterns (Free)

Amigurumi, Key Chains, Appliques, Worry Worms & More...

Crochet Bees have been a real craze for a while now, especially on TikTok! I think it's a beautiful trend because crocheting bees is not only fun, but it can also serve educational purposes, like teaching children about bees, nature conservation, or the importance of pollinators in ecosystems.

Crochet Bees TikTok

Some of the many crochet bees on TikTok

Is a crochet bee easy?

If you're wondering if crocheting a bee is easy, let me bring you some good news! YES! Even if you're a beginner crocheter, you can definitely crochet a cute little bee by following the step-by-step instructions given by the designer.

There are simple little bee patterns, but of course there are some more complex ones for when you're more advanced in your crocheting skills. These will teach you new interesting techniques... there's always more to learn 🙂

Bee Crochet Patterns Small

So many possibilities to crochet bees!

How to crochet a small bee

Crochet bees come in a variety of designs & motifs. Depending on what exactly you want to make, you could crochet a simple appliquĂ© or amigurumi to use as a keychain or gift-topper perhaps... 

And you could crochet some other bee projects like rattles for babies, a bee-themed blanket, hat or gloves. I designed a bee lip-balm holder and a bee worry worm, for example. You could really design any crochet item using the striped bee theme.

Like these patterns, but not ready to work them yet? Save this pin to Pinterest!

Small Bee Crochet Patterns

Photo courtesy of Jen Hayes Creations

What size hook do you use to crochet a bee?

The hook you use to crochet your bee will depend on the item you're making, but generally-speaking, you want your stitches to be quite tight to accentuate the bee stripes, especially for amigurumi (stuffed toys). 

I'd suggest going down a hook size from what's suggested on your yarn label to achieve the tightness that's so typical in amigurumi projects.

Learn To Crochet Kits
For Beginners

Are you just learning how to crochet? Have a look at these awesome crochet kits, perfect for beginners! I wrote a complete hands-on review on The Woobles Kits for you 🙂

Cornelius the bee - The Woobles Crochet Kit
Small Bee Crochet Patterns Free

Small Bee Crochet Patterns

For this roundup, I gathered 17 FREE crochet bee patterns for you to choose from. They are all written patterns, offered for free on the designers' blogs (for personal use only) and you'll also find ad-free PDF patterns offered for small fees in the designers' shops.

Have a look at these adorable small bee patterns below and pick your favorite!


Crochet-Bee-Pattern-Tutorial - Stardust Gold Crochet

How To Crochet A Bee by Stardust Gold Crochet

Photo Credit:

"This is a step-by-step guide on how to make a crochet bumble bee. There is also a free bee pattern for crocheters who just want a quick and fun project." This bee can be adjusted to any size. (Tasha, Stardust Crochet)

Difficulty Level: Beginner


Crochet-bee-applique Golden Lucy Crafts

Heart Bee Appliqué by Golden Lucy Crafts

Photo Credit: Golden Lucy Crafts

"This crochet Bee applique will look great on handmade Valentine’s Day cards, you can also use this applique for some other embellishment or scrapbooking." (Olena, Golden Lucy Crafts)

Difficulty Level: Easy

Have you started several crochet projects and are worried you won't remember your hook size, the yarn you used or which pattern you were following? Download this Free Crochet Project Tracker and keep it in your projects folder.

Crochet Project Tracker
 Free Printable

Keep track of your crochet projects with these printable sheets.

Crochet Project Tracker Project Name: Designer Name: Pattern Source/Video: Materials Used: Hook Size: Gauge: Made For: Occasion: Start Date: Date Completed: Yarn Brand Yarn Weight Lot # of Skeins/Yardage YARNS Stick, staple or glue yarn labels here YARN

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Bee worry worm crochet pattern

"Don't Worry Bee Happy" Worry Worm Crochet Pattern by Start Crochet

Photo Credit:

"Have you joined the Worry Worm craze yet? Well, here's a little Bee Worry Worm pattern that'll be great for Spring. You can use it for Random Acts of Crochet Kindness, as a pocket pal to help kids who suffer from anxiety, stress or depression or use it as a gift-topper on any occasion." (May,

Difficulty Level: Easy


Free-Crochet-Bee-Keyring - Keep Calm and Crochet UK

Happy Bee Keyring by Keep Calm and Crochet On U.K.

Photo Credit:

"I made several bees to go with, amongst other things, some homemade honey comb ( also known as Cinder Toffee) for some end of year teacher gifts." (Heather, keepcalmandcrochetonuk)

Difficulty Level: Advanced beginner


Bumblebees Crochet Pattern by Sonja van der Wijk

Bumblebees Crochet Pattern by Sonja van der Wijk

Photo Credit: Sonja van der Wijk via LoveCrafts

"With this easy and cute pattern, you can make all kinds of bumblebees, have fun!." (Sonja,  Son's Popkes)

Difficulty Level: Intermediate


Gnome-Bee_Crochet Pattern by Jen Hayes Creations

Crochet Queen Bee Gnome by Jen Hayes Creations

Photo Credit:

"Say hello to Her Royal Highness, the Crochet Queen Bee Gnome. She enjoys being amongst her colony of fellow bees, caring for the hive, feasting on royal jelly and honey, and of course, wearing her royal crown." (Jen, Jen Hayes Creations)

Difficulty Level: Intermediate


Strawberry Bee Crochet Pattern - Little World Of Whimsy

Strawberry Bee Free Velvet Crochet Pattern by Little World of Whimsy

Photo Credit:

"This cute and cuddly Strawbee pattern is a breeze to work up and is super cute! She is inspired from a strawberry color palette and is a cute twist on a traditional bee. The wing detail is the perfect extra touch, and you can customize the colors of the bee and wings to your favorite color. This pattern is accessible to beginners, and you can adapt it to any size you want by changing the weight of the yarn!" (Julia, Little World of Whimsy).

Difficulty Level: Easy


crochet lip balm holder

Crochet Bee Lip Balm Holder Keychain by Start Crochet

Photo Credit:

"This crochet chapstick holder is perfect for beginners, quick to finish, and a versatile choice for gifts, craft fairs, or using up small scraps. Add a keychain and hang it on your bag or backpack and never lose your lip balm again." (May, Start Crochet).

Difficulty Level: Easy


No-Sew Amigurumi Bee Pattern by Once Upon A Cheerio

Photo Credit:

"You'll be glad to know that this is a no-sew amigurumi crochet pattern, which means that aside from weaving in your ends, you do not need to use a sewing needle to attach its limbs, wings, or antenna. They are literally crocheted into the rounds of the bumble bee amigurumi" (Juli, Once Upon A Cheerio)

Difficulty Level: Intermediate



Amigurumi Tiny Bee Crochet Pattern by Hooked-by-Robin

Photo Credit:

"Crochet along with me to make yourself a mini amigurumi bumble bee - super simple and easy enough for even a beginner to make. Are you ready to make your new miniature buzzy friend?" (Robin, Hooked By Robin)

Difficulty Level: Advanced beginner


amigurumi small bee crochet pattern - loopsy daisy crafts

Honey "Bee" Cone - Free No Sew Crochet Pattern by Loopsy Daisy Crafts

Photo Credit:

"This bee is a quick and easy crochet project. It would be perfect for craft shows or markets." (Krissy, Loopsy Daisy Crafts)

Difficulty Level: Intermediate


small-crochet-bee by Chai, Coffee, Crochet

Small Crochet Bee by Chai, Coffee Crochet

Photo Credit:

"I really love the design of this bee. For one thing, unlike most crochet bees, it has a stinger – a bee definitely needs a stinger! Plus I love that it works up really fast. I timed myself making it myself today (and I’m a really super slow crocheter – crochet is a relaxing activity for me so I do it very slowly and mindfully!) and it took me under an hour to crochet – sewing included." (Shama, Chai Coffee Crochet)

Difficulty Level: Intermediate


bee crochet pattern Lisa Auch Crochet

Crochet A Small Bee Free Pattern (Easy) by LisaAuch Crochet

Photo Credit: LisaAuch Crochet

"The small crochet bee is adorable cute and can be used in many circumstances, perhaps to add some colour to a crocheted wreath or a cute addition to a crochet flower bouquet!" (Lisa, LisaAuch Crochet)

Difficulty Level: Easy



Bee Fingerless Mittens Pattern by Briana K. Designs

Photo Credit: Briana K Designs 

"Have you been eyeing crochet colorwork from the sidelines? Once you try it out, I just know the addiction will begin. It's extremely rewarding to watch an image come to life with yarn." (Briana, Briana K. Designs)

Difficulty Level: Intermediate



Crochet Bumble Bee Appliqué Pattern by Maria's Blue Crayon

Photo Credit:

"This bumble bee crochet applique is one of the many spring themed appliques that I made for my spring blanket!" (Maria, Maria's Blue Crayon).

Difficulty Level: Easy


Buzzing Bees by Love & Stitch Co.

Buzzing Bees by Love & Stitch Co.

Photo Credit: Love + Stitch Co. via LoveCrafts

"There once was a bee that went "bz bzz bzz." He met another, and together they said "buzz buzz buzz!"
These Buzzing Bees make quite the scene everywhere they go. Whether it's the garden or the pond, you can count on hearing their soothing sound rain or shine. Give this pattern a whirl and make your own set of buzzing bees!." (Rupinder, Love + Stitch Co.).

Difficulty Level: Intermediate



No-Sew Crochet Bee Step-by-Step (Free Pattern)

Photo Credit:

"Use this free pattern to make a lovely Amigurumi crochet bee with a realistic and whimsical “honeybee” look! Whether you’re the one who’s a bee lover or are looking for a project that will make a perfect gift, I’m sure you’ll be delighted with this pattern." (Maggie, Zamiguz).

Difficulty Level: Intermediate


Crochet Bee Pattern For Beginners

Crochet Bee Pattern For Beginners

Photo Credit:

"With its tiny size and fun bumblebee design, this little guy will add a touch of whimsy to your creations.  Whether you're a seasoned crocheter or just starting out, this pattern is perfect for all skill levels." (Melissa, Loveable Loops).

Difficulty Level: Easy


Small Bee-crochet-pattern

Free Bee Crochet Pattern

Photo Credit:

"You have the freedom to use any yarn you prefer to bring this cute little creature to life. Get started on your buzzing adventure today and craft a bumble bee that will being a smile to everyone's face." (Mariska, DIY Fluffies).

Difficulty Level: Easy



Small Amigurumi Bee Free Crochet Pattern

Photo Credit:

"This adorable, Small Amigurumi Bee Free crochet Pattern is beginner friendly and works up super quickly. Bee’s are usually seen during the spring and summer seasons but these crochet toys can be loved all year round! The unisex plushie design is great for little boys or girls." (Rose, Hookfully).

Difficulty Level: Beginner

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of different crochet bee patterns and found that special one you're looking for 🙂

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