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June 22, 2022
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7 Handmade Crochet Christmas
Fashion Must-Haves
For Moms

Looking for some authentic handmade crochet Christmas fashion?

You know what? It's time for a bit of pampering! And what better way to do that than with an authentic, original MumsHandMade garment that would be an exclusive addition to your wardrobe and would last a lifetime!

Whether you feel like pampering yourself, your Mom, your sister, or a Mom friend, you're sure to find a handmade crochet gift that'll WOW them at MumsHandMade!

Something truly original, authentic, stylish & comfortable to wear... Mmmmmm...

Not only are these fabulous items crocheted by artisans to order, they're also super soft to the touch and made with carefully-sourced, naturally-dyed yarns.

Have a look at the selection below and get inspired for a new boho fashion update to your wardrobe with some authentic handmade crocheted items!

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Why give Handmade Crochet Christmas gifts?

Giving someone special a hand-crafted Christmas gift is so much more meaningful than a mass-produced item

Handmade crochet gifts are a sure way to show the woman you love that she is loved and is worth wearing something that is completely unique to her alone.

All the garments you'll find listed below are genuine and authentic pieces and represent an investment you make into something that is simply exceptional - made by hand. 

The investment is also to support local women-led businesses. It is important to know that all Mums Handmade clothing are made by women in Greece.

Did you know that crochet items cannot be mass-produced because there are no crochet machines that exist at all? Any crocheted item you buy is a little different than any similar item because it's been 100% handmade.

The fact that nobody in the world has the exact same item really makes the handmade crochet gift truly special, a gift made just for you

Why is handmade better than machine made?

Well, when a garment is handmade, it means that one special artisan, designer or crafter created this one unique piece. Usually, that means that there was more attention to detail and there were no shortcuts taken in the design and implementation of the garment as you would sometimes find in machine-made clothing because these tend to be modified for more efficiency in mass production.

The quality of handmade garments also tends to be better, with higher quality materials (yarns) used in its production, which means the garment will last longer.

Some people would argue that there might be some machinery used in specific parts of the handmade garment process, such as a die machine, for instance. A more appropriate word for garments that have been completely "handmade" from start to finish, would be "hand-crafted".

Handmade garments means there is no machinery or assembly-line involved in the production process, which also means that they would be considered more "Green" or environmentally-friendly than machine-made clothing.

Mumshandmade start crochet

Why is handmade so expensive?

This is a question many people ask, and the answer is very simple: Time, Quality & Skill.

If you think about the amount of time it takes to crochet one garment, if a machine were able to make the same piece (which it can't), it could have made many more in the same amount of time.

Handmade items are usually made by qualified artisans or designers who care about their work and choose the best quality fabrics (yarn) to create them. This means that you can wear the garment much longer than a cheap mass-produced item.

Also, being able to crochet well and come up with creative designs is a skill that has to be learned, practiced and perfected. So the money one pays for an original hand-crafted garment would be similar to paying for an original painting as opposed to a poster-replica of one (which could be compared to machine-made clothing in this analogy).

A Selection Of The Most Special Handmade Crochet Christmas Gifts:

These cute crochet drawstring waist shorts are super sexy and very easy to style. You can create a casual, layered look by styling with oversized open shirt and a simple tank top or just keep it boho by wearing these shorts with your bikini tops.

Handmade Shorts Crochet

This bohemian style kimono is the ulitmate cover up on the beach, on the deck or at the lunch table. It's made from soft cotton yarns with a unique and delicate crochet pattern, Why not wear it barefoot over your crochet Mumshandmade bikini set in the day or over a slip dress in the evening. 

bohemian crochet kimono start crochet

This sheer textured, short sleeve, long cardigan is the bohemian touch your wardrobe. This oversized, effortless cardigan is uniquely designed for your comfort. You can wear it over a sundress during a colder night out or with denim shorts and a crop top in the city. Needless to suggest it as a cover up for your favourite crochet bikinis.

crochet vest cardigan start crochet

4. Handmade Crochet Halter Neck Dress

This light and airy crochet mini dress is incredibly versatile. Wear it with a neutral slip underneath when you're out for a walk with your kids, as a retro cover up on the beach or even as a date night with hubby dress. 

crochet halter neck dress start crochet

5. Handmade Crochet Tote Bag

As a Mom, I'm always carrying so much of my kid's stuff in my bag, so why not get a fashionable oversized one that'll fit everything, make a statement and be comfortable to wear? This exclusive crochet bag is a timeless must have to your weekday or weekend adventures! Take it to work, to the beach or carry it as your everyday mommy bag.

crochet tote bag start crochet

6. Handmade Mei Crochet Bandeau Bra

Flaunt your shoulders with this kick-ass handmade crocheted bandeau top. You can wear it as a bikini top, add a sheer cardigan cover up for a more boho-look or simply wear it as a top under a shirt. Adjustable straps allow you to alter the height for the perfect fit. 

mei crochet bandeau bra start crochet

7. Handmade Pom Pom Charm

Pompoms are simply the best accessories to add that extra touch to your bags! There's a real emerging trend of bag charms and pompoms are just perfect for that. Your kids will love them so much, you'll have to buy some for them too!

pom pom charm mumshandmade start crochet

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