Christmas Gift Box Template printable

Simple Christmas Gift Box Template

(PDF Printable)

With this easy printable DIY Gift Box Template you can present your handmade gifts in cute little boxes - even if you're on a very tight budget or simply don't want to head out to the shops to get them.

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Simple DIY Gift box template

This box comes in a printable PDF file that you can download as many times as you want. You can print on whatever colored paper or card stock you choose.  

There are also 7 different print design patterns that you can use, included in the PDF.

Need lots of boxes?

No problem! Simply print as many as you want, in whichever color, design or pattern you prefer.

I created this handmade gift box to accommodate the three Festive tea-light cozies. You can find the crochet patterns for these below.

DIY Gift Box Template for Tea-Light Candles

DIY Gift Box Template

It also fits crocheted worry worms perfectly. Here are 3 different Christmas-themed worry worm designs: The Elf, Gnome and Snowman worry worms.

Christmas Elf Tags

Like these 3 X-Mas Worry Worm patterns, but not ready to work them yet? Save this pin to Pinterest!

Christmas worry worm crochet patterns

Simple Christmas Gift Box (PDF Printable)

DIY Christmas
Gift Box Template
(PDF Printable)

DIY Gift Box Template Printable

Gift Box Size

  • 7.6" length x 1.5" height (19.5 cm x 4 cm)

Tools & Materials

  • Printer
  • Card stock (A4 size)
  • Scissors or cutter
  • Ruler
  • Double sided tape, glue dots, or paper glue.
  • Yarn, ribbon or twine (or other embellishments you choose)

Christmas Gift Box Template Instructions

Step 1: Print 

  • Print your Template on Card stock of your choice. If you have white paper or card stock, you can print the provided patterns below to add some color. There are 7 different paper styled patterns included in this download.
Tea Light Box Template Printable

Step 2: Cut

  • Cut around the outer border of the template (along the solid lines).

Step 3: Fold

  • Fold along the dashed lines holding your ruler along the lines (horizontal & vertical) then press down with your ruler or similar object and fold neatly.
DIY Gift Box Template Printable Instructions Cut & Fold

Step 4: Cut

  • Cut the edges of the template along the indicated lines (4 lines on either short end). Only cut along solid lines. Dashed lines are for folding.
DIY Gift Box Printable

Step 5: Glue & Fold

  • Put some glue dots, double sided tape or paper glue on the insides of rectangles C & D (see diagram)
  • Fold in the corner square A and glue it to the rectangle C.
  • Fold in the corner B and glue it the rectangle D
  • Attach rectangles E & F to rectangles C & D respectively.
  • You have now completed the bottom of your gift box.
  • Put a little bit of glue on the inside half of rectangles G & H
  • Attach the rectangles I & J to the rectangles to form the top of your gift box.
  • Test the size of the item you want to package in this box.
DIY Gift Box Printable PDF
DIY Gift Box for Tea-Light Candles

3. Embellish Your Box

You could use several types of materials to embellish your box and keep it closed. The simplest would be some yarn, twine or ribbon. Here are a few examples for inspiration:

Gift Box template pdf
Gift Box template with measurements
DIY Gift Box Ideas
DIY Gift Box Template for Tea-Light Candles
DIY Christmas Gift Wrap Template
DIY Gift Box Template

Elf Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas Elf Tags

If you're looking for some tags to add to your Christmas box, I designed some simple Elf Christmas tags that work perfectly with this box.

Elf Christmas Gift Tags
(PDF Printable)


Why Buy This Christmas Box Template? 

Its Design

This template makes a simple and useful box that you can use to present your handmade gifts. It comes with 7 different print patterns that makes it super versatile and you can use it all year round for various occasions.

Fast Delivery

No need to go out shopping, stand in line and waste time. You can download & print these gift boxes right at home, in whatever quantities you need.

Save Money

This printable isn't pricey like fancy store bought boxes, but it's just as amazing! You could print however many boxes as you like, and you're paying less than just a single store bought one.

Your Personal Style

Pick the colors and print patterns you love – make your gift boxes as unique as you like, adding embellishments as you please.

Instant Happiness

Super-fast download means you can start printing and sharing your gifting happiness in no time – even if the big day is tomorrow!

Environmentally Friendly

Go green with just what you need, minimizing waste and give Mother Earth a present too! 

Crafting Joy

Follow the easy instructions and get crafting! No need to be an expert.

Festive Family Fun

Do you have family, friends or any kids around (7+) who'd enjoy a little festive crafting activity? Share the joy of creating with friends and family for an extra sprinkle of holiday fun.

Digital Magic Backup Plan

Keep a secret digital copy as a backup – because you never know when you'll need more and you won't have to run back to the store!

Support Independent Creators

When you get these, you're helping creators like myself make more fun stuff for you and your family. Do you have any more ideas you'd like me to create?

Printer's Little Helper

Designed to play nice with most printers – so your festive creations come out picture-perfect.


  • This printable was designed using Fonts & Images WITH COMMERCIAL LICENSE
  • This printable is for PERSONAL USE LICENSE ONLY.
  • You may print these files FOR YOURSELF or to give as GIFTS.
  • Rights are NOT transferrable.
  • NO COMMERCIAL USE of this product is allowed. This includes SHARING ON SOCIAL MEDIA and RESELLING.
  • If you'd like a modified design, please get in touch with me and I'd be happy to create one for you.
  • Designs are copyright of Start Crochet [May Shehab] © 2022.

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