How do you crochet slippers?

Slippers can be crocheted in many different ways. The easiest ones are worked flat, others are worked in the round and require a bit of shaping. Some need to be seamed (sewing together), yet others are no-sew. Most slipper patterns require only basic stitches like single crochet, half double crochet or double crochet, but others use different stitch patterns for more texture.  I've also included some chunky slippers and one that is worked up using Tunisian crochet as well.

Learn To Crochet Kits
For Beginners

Are you just learning how to crochet? Have a look at these awesome crochet kits, perfect for beginners! I wrote a complete hands-on review on The Woobles Kits for you 🙂

Cornelius the bee - The Woobles Crochet Kit

How To Make Crochet Slippers Non-Slip

Most types of yarn can be quite slippery when worn on the feet, so you should test your crochet slippers and see if you need to make them non-slip.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Hot Glue (apply as dots on the soles)
  • Sock-Stop (dots on soles)
  • Silicone Caulk (lines across soles)
  • Silicone Sealant (lines across soles)
  • Plastic Dip (dots on soles)
  • Puffy Fabric Paint (dots on soles)
  • Non-Slip Rug Pad (cut into strips or circles)
  • Shelf Liner (cut into strips or circles)
  • Felt (cut into strips or circles) 
  • Anti-Skid Gripper Fabric (cut into strips or circles)
  • Suede (cut into strips or circles)
  • Non-Skid Rubber Treated Fabric (cut into strips or circles)

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free slippers crochet patterns for beginners

Crochet Slippers Patterns on Youtube

If you're a visual learner, you'll be happy to know that most of the slippers listed below have YouTube tutorials as well. I've included the links for each.

For this roundup, I gathered 11 FREE crochet slipper patterns for you to choose from. They are all written patterns, offered for free on the designers' blogs (for personal use only) and you'll also find ad-free PDF patterns offered for small fees in the designers' shops.

Have a look at these adorable footies patterns below and pick your favorite!


Fireside-Crochet-Slippers-crochet pattern-Rich Textures Crochet.jpg

Fireside Slippers by Rich Textures Crochet

Photo Credit: Rich Textures Crochet

"The Fireside Slippers crochet pattern is so cozy with its double thick soles and worked in a super bulky weight yarn. This means that they also work up fairly quickly!" (Sarah, Rich Textures Crochet)

Difficulty Level: Easy


crochet footies free pattern (Start Crochet)

Granny Triangles Slippers by Start Crochet

Photo Credit: Start Crochet

"Looking for a fast & easy Granny Slippers crochet pattern so you can whip up a sweet & useful gift for Mom? Flaunt your crochet skills with these fun granny slippers!." (May, Start Crochet)

Difficulty Level: Easy

Crochet Slippers Sizing Template
Free Printable

Size your crocheted slippers correctly with this sizing chart.

Crochet Slippers Sizing Template

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how to crochet slippers pattern - Fosbas Designs

Easy Crochet Slippers Free Pattern by Fosbas Designs

Photo Credit: Fosbas Designs

"These easy crochet slippers are my perfect indoor slippers as they are pretty comfy. I love to get comfy while crocheting, which is my favorite thing to do these days." (Fosbas, Fosbas Designs)

Difficulty Level: Easy



Free Crochet Slipper Boots Pattern for Adults by Cosy Rosie UK

Photo Credit: Cosy Rosy UK

"This free pattern to make your own crochet slipper boots for adults creates a cozy slipper that that's easy to make and will keep you cozy in the house. Written for 4 different adult sizes, you'll learn how to crochet slippers for adults that will keep everyone wearing them warm." (Fiona, Cosy Rosie UK)

Difficulty Level: Advanced beginner

Have you started several crochet projects and are worried you won't remember your hook size, the yarn you used or which pattern you were following? Download this Free Crochet Project Tracker and keep it in your projects folder.

Crochet Project Tracker
 Free Printable

Keep track of your crochet projects with these printable sheets.

Crochet Project Tracker Project Name: Designer Name: Pattern Source/Video: Materials Used: Hook Size: Gauge: Made For: Occasion: Start Date: Date Completed: Yarn Brand Yarn Weight Lot # of Skeins/Yardage YARNS Stick, staple or glue yarn labels here YARN

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Free crochet slipper patterns Slipper Socks - Free Crochet Pattern crochet adult socks free pattern Crochet Boot Socks Pattern FREE adult crochet socks boots slippers free - Lisa Auch crochet

Easy Crochet Slipper Socks Free Crochet Pattern (ANY SIZE ) by LisaAuch Crochet

Photo Credit: LisaAuch Crochet

"These cosy and warm Slipper Socks Make the best Crochet Gift. These crochet slipper socks work up super fast! and because they are quite stretchy you can guesstimate the sizes! ." (Lisa,  LisaAuch Crochet)

Difficulty Level: Intermediate



Tunisian Slippers from a rectangle – Free Crochet Pattern by Knitter Knotter

Photo Credit: Knitter Knotter 

"This pair of Kritika slippers is super easy to make, all you need is a rectangle! Once you have a rectangle, there is a little bit of shaping needed. It is very easy, I promise! I also added a crocheted button to each slipper and I think it looks really cute!" (Arunima, Knitter Knotter)

Difficulty Level: Intermediate


Friday-Slippers-crochet pattern - Blackstone Designs.jpg

Friday-Slippers-crochet pattern - Blackstone Designs.jpg

Friday Slippers Crochet Pattern by Blackstone Designs

Photo Credit: Blackstone Designs

"What’s great about the Friday Slippers is that they are unisex, so you can whip up slippers for the whole family! They’re also easily customizable! You can make them striped or solid, use variegated yarn, and you can also choose to leave off the cuff!" (Sonya, Blackstone Designs).

Difficulty Level: Easy


Crochet-adult-house-slipper-Toys Lab Creations

Crochet Adult House Slippers by Toys Lab Creations

Photo Credit: Toys Lab Creations

"This pattern is worked in rows just like all of my crochet slipper patterns. It is more convenient and faster than working in the round and you can be sure that your slippers will come out the same size. Heck Yeah! You won’t have to make a third slipper just to have two match up!" (Sulaimon,Toys Lab Creations).

Difficulty Level: Easy


Bulky-Crochet-Sock-pattern - BrianaKDesigns.jpg

Bulky Crochet Sock Pattern by Briana K. Designs

Photo Credit: Briana K. Designs

"Step into a world of cozy creativity with our latest blog post featuring a delightful Bulky Crochet Sock Pattern. Embrace the warmth and comfort of handmade socks, skillfully crafted with a touch of modern flair. Whether you're a seasoned crocheter or a passionate novice, this pattern promises not only snug footwear but also an enjoyable project that merges functionality with style. These bulky crochet socks that are bound to become your new favorite accessory for chilly days and relaxing evenings. " (Briana, Briana K. Designs)

Difficulty Level: Intermediate


Slippers crochet pattern Carroway Crochet

Free Slipper Socks Crochet Pattern, The Warmest Feet Ever Slipper Socks by Carroway Crochet

Photo Credit: Carroway Crochet

"Looking for a great gift? I have made these slippers for many customers and they all declare them to be the comfiest and warmest slippers they have ever had. These are just perfect as a gift. The cosiest slipper socks around." (Pam, Carroway Crochet)

This pattern has both a right and left-handed video tutorial!

Difficulty Level: Beginner


Easy-Crochet-Slippers-from-a-Rectangle-Rustic-Fur-Slippers-TheLoopyLamb (2)

Easy Crochet Slippers From a Rectangle-Rustic Fur Slippers by TheLoopyLamb

Photo Credit:

"These furry crochet slippers couldn’t be any easier and they are great for beginners. They’re made from a simple rectangle! That’s it! This easy crochet slipper pattern uses only basic crochet stitches and techniques making them accessible for beginners. Written in 10 different sizes you can make a pair of crochet slippers for everyone in the family. " (Ashley, The Loopy Lamb)

Difficulty Level: Beginner

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of different crochet slipper patterns and found that special one you're looking for 🙂

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