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August 29, 2023


March 20, 2024

How To Choose A Crochet Business Name

 That Will Make You Money

Starting your Crochet Business can be daunting! You're thinking about how to

  • Create your crochet products,
  • Sell your products,
  • Market your products...,

but choosing a name for your crochet business doesn't have to take all week!

We've all been there - that mind-boggling, yarn-tangling moment when you realize that giving a name to your crochet business is like crocheting a masterpiece: it requires some planning, creativity, precision, and a touch of magic!

You know what? I didn't even have a name for my first baby when he was born!

He decided to surprise us and arrive a month early and we hadn't decided on a name yet!!

It took us a couple of days, but finally we found the perfect name for our precious little bundle of joy!

Same goes for your crochet business.

Don't worry so much in the beginning if you can't find a name right away.

You can start creating your content, designing your patterns, writing your blog posts etc. before you even have a name for your business.

Just spend some time researching, getting inspired by cool words (check out this awesome tool - Textfx ), and most importantly, understanding what makes a great business name so you don't regret your choice a year from now.

So let's get started with this exhilarating world of naming your crochet business - the crucial starting point that sets the tone for your entire creative journey.  

I hope you find these crochet business names inspiring and are able to choose the one that suits you best.

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Let me give you some tips that can point you in the right direction.

First of all, it's important to understand that you have to choose your crochet business name well because you want to make your brand memorable and you also want to make sure your crochet business name makes its way into the hearts of your customers.

So to make sure you get the right name for your crochet business, I'll help you do 2 things:

1. Show you why it's important to have a great business name and how to make sure it'll work well for you; and

2. Give you a list of names to choose from or to inspire your own business name creation: I've categorized these into names that are Cute, Catchy, Unique, Funny, Creative & Best for Instagram.

This list of crochet business names would work whether you're a crochet designer or if you sell finished crochet items.

Wether you sell your crochet products at craft markets or online, if you're an influencer on Instagram or TikTok or you're a crochet blogger, like myself, these crochet business name suggestions are sure to attract the customers you're looking for.

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Crochet Business Name - Crochet Business Name Ideas

How To Choose A Great Crochet Business Name?

So you've got plan to build a whole crochet empire and you want to make sure you choose the right name for it.

It can happen that you think a name you choose is brilliant, but further down the line you find out that you missed something crucial and that name isn't really working for you anymore. 

So before you rush into choosing a cool name for your crochet business, read through the tips I've outlined for you below, take your time, be creative, and make sure the name aligns with your brand's identity and values.

And if you'd like a PDF Printable checklist to go through and make sure you don't miss any essential points, go ahead and download this FREE printable below.

Crochet Business Name
Free Evaluation Checklist 

Use this Free checklist to assess your shortlisted business names and find the perfect fit for your crochet business.


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Tips To Consider

1. Reflect Your Craft:
Make sure your business name actually reflects the essence of your craft. You could include crochet-related words, like "stitch," "yarn," or "hook," so people immediately understand what your business is about.

2. Keep It Short & Simple:
Make your name not too long so it's quick to type up and easy for you to tell to others. This helps when you make accounts on places like Twitter where there are rules about how many letters you can use. Shorter names are easier for people to remember and type, which is great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

3. Be Sure It's Easy to Spell:
Pick a name that's not too hard to write correctly. Use common words that a 10 year-old can spell. This helps people find your blog. Also, before you pick a name, check to make sure you spelled it right. I know someone who bought a domain name with a wrong spelling by mistake. Oops!

4. Make Your Crochet Business Name Search-Friendly:

When picking a name for your crochet business, think about how people might search for things related to crochet online. This is important because it helps your business show up when people look for crochet-related stuff on search engines like Google.

5. Think Local (if applicable):

If your crochet business is focused on a specific area, think about including the name of your city or region in the name. This can help you show up in searches from people nearby.

6. Attract Your Target Audience:
Think about your ideal customers. Does the name resonate with them? It should attract your target audience and align with what they're looking for.

7. Be Memorable:
Have a name that people can remember and pronounce easily! Not some weird word that no one's ever heard of before.  A catchy and memorable name will stick in the minds of potential customers.

8. Be Unique:
Choose a name that stands out from the crowd. Try to avoid common or generic names that might get lost in the sea of businesses. A unique name will help you be memorable and easily searchable.

9. Check Domain Availability:
If you plan to have a website for your business, check the availability of the domain name that matches your business name. I'd also check that no other FB Page or Group has the same name. Same goes for all other social media channels you intend to have an account on (Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.). It's a really good idea to have a consistent name across your online presence.

10 Keep Scalability In Mind:
A name that's too narrow might limit your business's expansion. Will the name you chose accommodate future growth and potential diversification of your offerings? Will you want to sell your business one day?

11. Emotional Appeal (optional):
You could choose a name with emotional appeal which could establish a connection with your customers. It should trigger positive feelings related to crochet and creativity. Search for words like this on Textfx for inspiration.

12. Avoid Trends:
While trendy names might seem appealing now, they can quickly become outdated. Rather choose a name that has timeless appeal and will age well. Will you crochet business name still make sense and be relevant 10 years from now? 

13. Include Your Name (optional):
One option is to include your own name into your crochet business name. This might be good for branding and you'd be able to talk about lots of different things. You don't have to stick to just one topic.

The downside of this, though, is if you want to sell your crochet business one day, it might be more difficult for you because your name is in the brand.

14. Consult a Lawyer (IMPORTANT!):
Use generic words and make sure you don't accidentally use a trademark. Check with a lawyer  and see if you're not inadvertently using someone else's (or a company's) protected name. This way you'll avoid legal issues down the road.

15. Ask for Feedback:
Go ahead and get feedback from friends, family, or other crocheters. You can even ask what people think of your suggested names on crochet FB Groups. I'm sure people will be more than happy to give you feedback. They might even offer insights or suggestions you haven't considered yet 🙂

16. And one last thing: Check For Bad Words:
You know how you have to stick all the words together when you type a domain name? Well, check that your words can't accidentally mean something else when you put them all together! Here's an example of what I mean: 'Experts Exchange' can be read as '' which is probably not what this website is about!

A great name is just the beginning of your crochet business adventure! So take your time and choose wisely 🙂

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Crochet Business Name Ideas

So now that you know what you need to keep in mind when choosing your crochet business name, let me give you some ideas to browse through and see whether there's anything that inspires you and makes you say "Yesssss!"

I'll keep adding to this list whenever I come accross interesting business name ideas that would fit the crochet niche in books, magazines, or media.

Cute Crochet Business Names

  1. Hooked on Yarn
  2. Crochet Cuties
  3. Yarn and Needle
  4. The Crochet Connection
  5. Stitchin’ Time
  6. Crochet Cozy
  7. Yarn Delight
  8. The Crochet Cafe
  9. Hooked on Crochet
  10. Yarn Haven
  11. Cozy Hook Creations
  12. Dreamy Crochet Crafts
  13. Soft Sculpt Studio
  14. Crafty Charm Creations
  15. Velvet Vibe Crafts
  16. Crafty Nest Crochet
  17. Snuggle Stitch Studio
  18. Sweet Thread Boutique
  19. Yarn Blossom Creations
  20. Warm Waves Crochet
  21. Crafty Hug Creations
  22. Snug Stitch Studio
  23. Yarn Glow Boutique
  24. Cozy Charm Crafts
  25. Thread Cuddles Creations
  26. Dreamy Crafty Crochet
  27. Soft Heart Yarns
  28. Sweet Snuggle Boutique

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Crochet Business Name - Crochet Business Name ideas

Creative Crochet Business Names

  1. Yarnivore
  2. Crochetopia
  3. Hooked on Happiness
  4. The Crochet Collective
  5. Stitch and Smile
  6. Yarn and Beyond
  7. Crochet Kingdom
  8. The Hooked Haven
  9. Yarn Dreams
  10. Crochet Oasis
  11. Knot Magic Creations
  12. Crafty Canvas Studio
  13. Loop Sculpt Boutique
  14. Fiber Finesse Crafts
  15. Quirky Thread Creations
  16. Urban Craft Haven
  17. Stitch Sculpture Crafts
  18. Yarn Mosaic Boutique
  19. Dreamy Designs Crochet
  20. Knots & Threads Creations
  21. Yarn Fusion Designs
  22. Crafty Loop Studio
  23. Stitch Wonders Boutique
  24. Fiber Canvas Crochet
  25. Loop Ripple Studio
  26. Textile Treasures Crochet
  27. Urban Textures Crafts

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Crochet Business Name - Crochet Business Name ideas

Catchy Crochet Business Names

  1. Hooked on Yarn
  2. Crochet Cuties
  3. Yarn and Needle
  4. The Crochet Connection
  5. Stitchin’ Time
  6. Crochet Cozy
  7. Yarn Delight
  8. The Crochet Cafe
  9. Hooked on Crochet
  10. Yarn Haven
  11. Knot Nook Creations
  12. Loop Lyric Boutique
  13. Crafty Chorus Crafts
  14. Yarn Rhythms Crochet
  15. Whimsi Harmony Crafts
  16. Cozy Rhyme Boutique
  17. Stitch Groove Creations
  18. Quirky Beat Crochet
  19. Urban Verse Studio
  20. Twisty Stitchery
  21. Knot Kaleidoscope
  22. Yarn Whisper
  23. Hooked Harmony
  24. Loop Finesse
  25. Cozy Fiber Crafts
  26. Stitch Spell
  27. Quirky Knotworks
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Unique Crochet Business Names

  1. Crochet Couture
  2. Yarn and Beyond
  3. Crochet Dreams
  4. Stitch and Smile
  5. Hooked on Happiness
  6. The Crochet Collective
  7. Yarn Haven
  8. Crochet Oasis
  9. The Hooked Haven
  10. Yarn Dreams
  11. Thread Muse Studio
  12. Knit Whisper Crafts
  13. Twisted Elegance Crochet
  14. Rustic Yarn Artistry
  15. Loop Sculpture Studio
  16. Crafty Symphony Creations
  17. Bella Yarn Boutique
  18. Urban Knotwork Studio
  19. Soft Ripple Boutique
  20. Thread Alchemy Crafts
  21. Knot Nest Boutique
  22. Loop Fusion Studio
  23. Fiber Odyssey Crochet
  24. Quirky Alchemy Crafts
  25. Urban Canvas Boutique
  26. Stitch Vortex Studio
  27. Dreamy Quest Boutique
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Funny Crochet Business Names

  1. Crojo 1
  2. The Hook Hackers 1
  3. Hooksters 1
  4. By Hook or By Crook 1
  5. Hookaholics 1
  6. Clown Barf Co 2
  7. Join as You Go Co 2
  8. Rip it, Rip It 2
  9. Hot Off the Hook 2
  10. Fresh Off the Hook 2
  11. Knot Giggles Emporium
  12. Yarn Chuckle Creations
  13. Loop Laughs Boutique
  14. Punny Stitches Crafts
  15. Hooked Humor Studio
  16. Stitch Snickers Crochet
  17. Yarn Punchline Creations
  18. Giggle Knot Boutique
  19. Thread Teasers Crafts
  20. Witty Loop Studios
  21. Knot Comedy Creations
  22. Yarn Chuckling Crochet
  23. Loop Giggle Boutique
  24. Crafty Comic Yarns
  25. Hooked Hilarity Crochet
  26. Stitch Smiles Creations
  27. Cozy Comedy Boutique
  28. Thread Tales of Humor

Crochet Business Names For Instagram

  1. @YarnedTogether
  2. @CrochetEmpire
  3. @Hooker’sDelight
  4. @HandmadeCrochets
  5. @CrochetMyFancy
  6. @It’sACrochetThing
  7. @Crochet-o-holics
  8. @CrochetCentral
  9. @CrochetTogether
  10. @CrochetCrazy
  11. @YarnAdventures
  12. @YarnWhisperCrafts
  13. @HookedHarmony
  14. @LoopLoomDesigns
  15. @StitchChicCreations
  16. @CraftyFiberMagic
  17. @KnotCrazeCreations
  18. @ThreadTalesStudio
  19. @CozyStitchHaven
  20. @QuirkyKnotworks
  21. @DreamyCrochetJourney
  22. @CraftyStitchery
  23. @LoopNestCreations
  24. @WhimsiFiberMagic
  25. @UrbanStitchSculpt
  26. @DreamyCraftHaven
  27. @QuirkyThreadTales
  28. @PurlVerseStudio
  29. @CozyKnotBoutique
  30. @StitchWhisperer

For more crochet business names, you can use these websites where you'll find hundreds of other suggestions to choose from:

And if you'd like to go ahead and design a logo for your business, check out the amazing resources (images, vector graphics, fonts etc.) on Creative Fabrica.

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I hope you enjoyed reading through this list of crochet business name ideas and found one that you like and fits your brand.

I'd really love it if you shared the ones that you like the most in the comments below.

If you have any questions, please get in touch and I'll be happy to get back to you.

Congrats on your new crochet business name!


May 🙂

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