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Easy Crochet Yardage Calculator

Find out how much yarn is in your crochet project

Are you looking for an easy yarn yardage calculator for your crochet project? Do you need help finding out exactly how much yarn you used?

Let's say you finished crocheting a beanie and want to know exactly how much yarn is in there...

The amount of yarn used for a project is a figure I need to calculate every time I design a new pattern. This is the "Yardage" section of the pattern that I need to specify so that when someone makes my pattern, they know exactly how much yarn they'll need to complete it.

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So today, I'm sharing with you this nifty Crochet Project Yardage Calculator tool that you can use to figure out how much yarn you used in your crochet (or knit) project.

You'll see how easily it solves the mystery of yarn yardage 🙂

And if you're not a math whiz and don't feel like fiddling around with numbers, you won't need to do it manually this way. (But if you are interested in doing this calculation manually, have a look at the FAQs section below for the formula).

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The Crochet Yarn Yardage Calculator

This Yarn Yardage Calculator is so simple to use and is great for crochet pattern designers, pattern testers or anyone who worked up a crochet project and wants to find out how much yarn they used. 

This calculator is for crochet (or knit) projects that you've already worked up. Calculating the amount of yarn you would need for a project you haven't started on yet is a whole different calculation. I'll be writing a blog post on how to calculate that soon.

It's important to note that you do need to have your yarn label to be able to do this calculation.

Yarn Yardage Calculator Crochet

Full skein yarn weight & length written on the back of your yarn label.

So, here's the deal: to get the scoop on your project's yardage, you'll need to find out 3 figures:

  1. First up, find the total weight of one yarn skein you used. It's usually written on the yarn label, either in grams or ounces. Easy peasy, right?
  2. Next, note the length of this full skein. Is it measured in meters or yards? You decide! Whatever floats your crochet boat. You can choose either measurement unit in the Calculator, but do stay consistent with the unit you choose.
  3. Now, here comes the fun part. Get yourself a kitchen scale and a strainer or bowl (I know, it sounds odd, but trust me). Place your strainer or bowl onto the kitchen scale before you turn it on (or if you have a fancy scale, you can zero it down after you place your strainer/bowl on the scale). Then after you've turned on the power switch, pop your finished project into the strainer or bowl and weigh it on the scale. Make sure to remove any tags or embellishments you might have added to your project. This way, you'll know the exact weight of your masterpiece. Write down this figure.
Crochet Yardage Calculator

Crochet Yardage Calculation Setup (Yarn label, kitchen scale, strainer or bowl, pen & paper)

Once you've gathered these 3 figures, it's time to put our calculator to work.

Fill in the form with:

  1. weight of the full skein (from the label),
  2. length of the full skein, (from the label) and,
  3. Weight of your project (figure you got from the scale).

Choose whether you prefer Imperial or Metric on the calculator (grams or ounces for weight and meters or yards for length).

Hit that "Calculate" button, and voila!

The results will tell you the total yardage of your project right under the calculator in yards and meters. No more wondering, no more guessing, and no calculating 🙂

Isn't this cool?! Come on! Try it for yourself below.

Crochet Project Yardage Calculator

Crochet Project Yardage Calculator

(grams or ounces)

(meters or yards)

(grams or ounces)

Using a Crochet Yardage Calculator FAQs

How does a crochet yardage calculator work?

A crochet yardage calculator is a handy tool that helps you find out the total amount of yarn used in your crochet project. It takes into account the weight and length of the yarn skein you used, as well as the weight of your finished project. By inputting these details into the calculator, it calculates the total yardage for you.

Why should I use a yardage calculator for my crochet projects?

Using a yardage calculator makes it easy for you to calculate how much yarn you used for your project. There is a manual formula to calculate this (details below), but using the Yardage Calculator is a whole lot easier & faster.

How can I calculate my crochet project yardage manually?

You could also figure out how much yarn you used for your crochet project manually by using this formula (below). You need to first figure out your yards/ounce (meters/gram). Check the info on your yarn label and calculate it following this formula. 


Full skein length divided by full skein weight = yards/ounce (meters/gram)

# 1: To figure out how much yarn length you used for your crochet project, you'll want to multiply the weight of your project by the yards/ounce (meters/gram). 

# 2: To figure out how much yarn length you have left, you'll want to multiply the weight of the remaining yarn by the yards/ounce (meters/gram). 

To make sure you ended up with the correct calculation, simply add the figure you got from # 1 to that of # 2, and you should get the figure for the full skein length that you started with. 

To figure out how much yarn you used in your project, simply subtract the figure you got in # 2 from the full skein length (written on the yarn label).

Here's an example:

(Full skein length) divided by (full skein weight) = yards/ounce (meters/gram)

180m100g = 1.8 m/g

Let's say you crocheted a project that weighs 60 grams

Length of yarn you used = project weight (60) x 1.8 = 108 meters

Length of yarn you have left over after your project = remaining yarn weight x 1.8 = 72 meters

To double check that your figures are correct:

72 + 108 = 180m (total skein length)


What information do I need to input into the yarn yardage calculator?

To use the crochet yardage calculator, you'll need three pieces of information: the total weight of one skein of yarn (in grams or ounces), the full length of the skein (in meters or yards), and the weight of your finished project (in grams or ounces). These details allow the calculator to accurately determine the yardage used in your project.

Where can I find the weight and length information for the yarn I used?

The weight and length details are typically mentioned on the yarn label or packaging. Look for the weight measurement (in grams or ounces) and the length measurement (in meters or yards). These numbers may vary depending on the brand and type of yarn, so make sure to check the specific yarn you used.

How do I weigh my finished project to find its weight?

To weigh your finished project, you'll need a kitchen scale. Place a strainer or bowl on top of the scale before you switch it on, and then put your project inside it. This method helps you get an accurate weight measurement. Note down the weight in grams or ounces and use it when using the yardage calculator.

What unit of measurement should I choose when using the calculator?

The yardage calculator allows you to select your preferred unit of measurement for weight (grams or ounces) and length (meters or yards). Choose the unit that matches the information you have for your yarn and project. You need to be consistent in unit selection to make sure you get accurate calculations.

Can I use the calculator for both crochet and knit projects?

For sure! The yardage calculator is designed to work for both crochet and knit projects. Regardless of your preferred craft, you can use the calculator to find out the total yardage used in your projects and make informed decisions about your yarn usage.

Are the results from the calculator accurate?

The yardage calculator provides a close estimation of the total yardage used in your project based on the information you provide. The calculator's results serve as a helpful guide, but slight variations may occur.

Yarn Yardage Calculator Conclusion

I hope you found this Yarn Yardage Calculator tool helpful.

Bookmark this page in your browser so you can find it again easily & feel free to share it with your friends on social media.

Let me know if you have any questions and...

Happy hooking!

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Crochet Project Yardage Calculator

Crochet Project Yardage Calculator

(grams or ounces)

(meters or yards)

(grams or ounces)

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