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Looking For Crochet Ideas This Festive Season?
9 FREE Crochet Christmas Patterns Your Whole Family Will Love

I've been looking around for some Free crochet Christmas patterns to whip up quick and easy gifts for family, friends & teachers this year.

Some cute crocheted decor items to hang on our Christmas tree, gift ideas for the kids, for teachers and grandparents.

I decided to make a list of all the ones that inspired me and thought to share with you!

Hope you find something you like ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy crocheting!

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You can make loads of these and use them in all kinds of creative ways! 

How about hanging them up on your Christmas tree or adding them as stocking stuffers for your kids? 

Via LoveCrafts 

Crochet Christmas Candy Cane Pattern - Start Crochet

2. Twinkling Snowflakes Crochet Christmas Ornament

Here's a free pattern for a Delicate Crochet Snowflake that will surely make a statement this Christmas!

You could make several of these and hang them as ornaments or add them to your Christmas cards this year ๐Ÿ™‚

Via LoveCrafts

Twinkling Snowflakes Free Crochet Pattern - Start Crochet

Have some leftover yarn lying around?

Why not put it to good use with this really unique take on gift presentation?

Make super-cute, on-trend pom poms and tassels for your gifts this year.

Gift Wrapping with Yarn Pom Poms & Tassels - Start Crochet

4. Festive Christmas Crochet-Along

This year's Christmas Crochet-Along by Deramores is simply perfect for your cosy home or as a Crochet Christmas gift for a special someone.

It features Reindeer and Robin Baubles (9cm in diameter), Coasters (10cm x 10cm) & Placemats (25cm x 25cm), Holly Cushion (40cm x 40cm) and Stocking (Approx 25cm wide x 50cm long. 

Via Deramores

Festive Christmas Crochet Along - Start Crochet

5. Christmas Tree Bunting Free Crochet Pattern

This beginner-level level Christmas Tree Bunting is a beautiful chain of small festive Christmas trees.

It's the perfect decoration to place in your home, either over your fireplace or by your windows this Christmas.

Via Deramores

Christmas Tree Bunting Free Crochet Pattern - Start Crochet

6. Ruffle Fir Trees Free Crochet Christmas Pattern

These adorable Ruffle Fir Trees are easy to crochet and make wonderful ornaments. 

The pattern comes in 3 sizes, so you can choose the size you prefer or make all 3 together for a lovely display.

Via LoveCrafts

Christmas Fir Trees Free Crochet Pattern - Start Crochet

7. Christmas Car Crochet Pattern

This little Christmas scene has taken Pinterest by storm! It's a cute little car bringing home a Christmas Fir. Who doesn't love that trip?

The 2 amigurumi pieces are tied together with some twine. You could choose to sew them together if you prefer.

Via Top Crochet Patterns

Christmas Car Free Crochet Pattern - Start Crochet

8. Mini Gift Boxes Free Christmas Crochet Pattern 

How about adding some miniature gift boxes to your Christmas gifts this year?

These are original patterns for dinky little boxes that you can wrap with your favorite ribbon and hang on your Christmas tree or add to wrapped Christmas gifts.

Via Deramores

Mini Gift Boxes Free Crochet Pattern - Start Crochet

Christmas Crochet
Gift Labels 
Free Printable

Ho Ho Ho! Personalize Your Crochet Christmas Gifts with these free labels.

Christmas Crochet Gift Tags (free Printable) Start Crochet

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