10 Hottest Summer Crochet Beachwear Items by MumsHandmade
To Wear At The Beach & After Party

MumsHandmade has done it again! Welcoming summer crochet beachwear fashion with a positive vibe!

We all know MumsHandmade is famous for its winter & fall knitting collection, but did you see the recently-launched summer crochet fashion items? WOWEEE!!! They're HOT!

You can't get more sizzling at the beach with MumsHandmade neutral shades and bright colors.  

You can choose and customize your own crochet fashion sets, whether they be bikini sets, dresses, cardigans, hats, bags or accessories.

You pay for fine quality products, not just the unique authentic designs. MumsHandmade delivers perfection at all levels.

Have a look at the 100% handmade fashion designs below and choose your favorite!

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100% handmade knits and crochets for women. Clothes, swimwear, cardigans and accessories made with high quality yarns in unique statement designs. Shop Mumshandmade

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Handmade Crochet Fashion Ideas

Crochet Bucket Hat

This Crochet Bucket Hat is made with a fine blend of cotton and acrylic. This bucket hat is timeless and durable. Nothing like any of those fast fashion similar designs. 

This hat is made for girls who are life lovers, sunset addicts, positivity thinkers.

Crochet Bikini

The awesome thing about these MumsHandmade Bikini sets is that you can mix & match them to create your own unique style.

Wear your favorite bikini in the water & at the beach bar! 

Had a salty Sunday? There is always time for you to pick the right bikini. Mix and Match these MumsHandmade permanent designs and create your own personalized set!


Crochet Swimsuit - Once Piece

Beach-life in crochet swimwear!

This crochet swimsuit is both boho & classy at the same time. Its simply style would match any cover-up out of the water...

Crochet Swimsuit One Piece - MumsHandMade

Crochet Bodysuit

Just think... If summer had a face! This body-suit would be it!


A collection made for summer loving!

This forever favorite highwaisted “NoeLani” pants, is a perfect match with the NEW “SoL” bikini top and can be worn in more than 3 ways.

Crochet High Pant

Crochet Halter Top

This simple bohemian crochet halter top is just so chic! It's backless and its adjustable strings ensure a perfect fit.

You could wear it out with a pair of denim shorts and you could even swim with it!

Crochet Halter Top - MumsHandMade

Want a delicate cover up for your crochet swimsuit? This is one elegant piece that can be worn to the beach and out to dinner. A truly timeless handmade piece of art.


Beach Bag, Tote Bag, Shopper’s Bag, Weekend Bag, whatever! This multi-purpose crochet tote bag comes in all colors and can serve just about any function.


Crochet Net Bag

Need to fit all your beach essentials in one bag? Wrap up your towel, sunblock & chapstick and don't you worry... nothing's gonna fall out!

This fisherman's net bag is actually 2-in-1. It's got an inner woven string-bag to hold all your essentials so you don't lose anything and no one sees what you're carrying around.


This crochet dress is just perfect for the summer. It's light and airy and can be worn with your favorite crochet bucket hat & sandals.

You could wear it over your crochet bikini as a retro cover up on the beach or wear it on its own for a night out with your friends.

Either way, you’ll be wearing it all summer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crochet Fashion & MumsHandmade

Can I swim in crochet bikinis?

I've been asked a lot if you can swim in crochet bikinis. With MumsHandmade, the answer is yes!

MumsHandmade bikinis are made of special yarn (cotton and elastane blend). They do dry a little slower than normal bikinis, so they always suggest you change into something dry after a swim. 

Remember that crochet swimwear must dry flat on a towel and away from the sun. 

Are crochet swimsuits in style?

According to Vogue, crochet swimsuits are quickly becoming an eye-catching swimsuit option "spurred on by DIY'ers picking up crochet amidst the pandemic. Now, alongside bucket hats and bags, the best crochet swimsuits have become a must for the summer." (April 12, 2022)

Can you wash crochet clothes?

Yes, you can wash crochet clothes.


  • If you want to extend the life of your crochet clothing, it's best to hand wash in tepid water with a mild soap.
  • When rinsing your crochet clothing, try not to squeeze, wring or twist it.
  • To dry, lay your garment on a towel, roll it up & press gently to remove excess water, then let it air dry flat on a drying rack away from direct sunlight.
  • Once your garmet is dry, fold and store it in a drawer. Best not to hang it to avoid it stretching out of shape.

Machine Wash:

Generally-speaking, you can wash MumsHandmade clothes in the washing machine. keeping in mind these care instructions:

  • Machine wash 30 degrees (best to use laundry bag)
  • Whites: Machine wash 30 degrees with whitener. Don’t wash with other colours.
  • Dry flat on a big towel away from the sun
  • Do not hang
  • Do not squeeze
  • Do not bleach

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Is MumsHandmade Sustainable Fashion?

Yes, for sure! Mumshandmade is a sustainable clothing brand from Greece that makes chunky, stylish & soft knit & crochet garments & accessoris for all seasons.

The most talented Greek mothers create the original and unique clothing & beachwear items of MumsHandmade using natural organic fabrics. 

This talent of creating sustainable 100% handmade products allows them to have an income from a profession they love.

Mumshandmade is a fashion brand staying true to its values & tradition. Without doubt, this brand is committed to sustainability, using planet-friendly yarns to create unique, durable & timeless garments.

About MumsHandmade

Mumshandmade began in Thessaloniki, Greece as a small family business during the winter of 2013. 

The idea behind MumsHandmade came when its founders Andreas and Christina were watching their mothers knitting beanies and cardigans to wear for the winter.

Their mothers' knitting & crocheting inspired them to name the company MumsHandmade.

Rooted in tradition, MumsHandmade clothing is truly authentic and stands out like no other brand with its chunky & dreamy designs.

When you choose MumsHandmade clothing, you help local Greek communities who lovingly knit & crochet these items by hand.

To purchase the exclusive MumsHandmade clothing, you need to order their products through their official website. They will tell you exactly how many days it will take to handcraft your oder & how many days it will require for shipping.

Beware of online copycats & scammers who are trying to sell low-quality copies of Mumshandmade designs. There have been scam incidents reported.

For any inquiries, you can get in touch with MumsHandmade customer service directly. They are known for their prompt responses and excellent service.

MumsHandmade Review

MumsHandmade is a company that is highly regarded for its authenticity and community consiousness.

Its knitware and crochet clothing styles are like no other handmade products on the market. Truly stylish, chunky & funky for all seasons of the year.

Using only the best quality yarns, with the most fashionable colors, MumsHandmade clothing is super comfortable to wear, is durable, and timeless in style.

Depending on the size of your order, you will be informed with the exact number of days it will take to complete your handmade garment and how long it will take to ship it internationally.

As a leading knitwear company, MumsHandmade provides its customers with only the best products & service.

Their efficient customer service  is available for any questions you may have.

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful selection of summer crochet fashion items from MumsHandmade. 

Which is your favorite? Comment below!

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