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Girl's Bobbly Knobbly Hat FREE Crochet Pattern For Your Adorable Cutie Pie

Girl's Bobbly Knobbly Hat Free Crochet Pattern For Your Adorable Cutie Pie Start Crochet

By Ashley Herring

I’m so excited to be sharing this free crochet baby hat pattern with you all today.

I designed this pattern for my toddler daughter! It features little bobbles that create the perfect amount of texture but are so easy to achieve.

Using a combination of beginner friendly stitches, you’ll be able to create this adorable hat for your little girl ranging in sizes from Preemie to Toddler. 

Designing this pattern, I thought back to when I was pregnant with my daughter. I threw myself into making her a baby blanket, hats, bows, and everything else I thought she might need. With swollen hands and a wiggly baby in my belly, I made pieces that kept her warm and wrapped in love.

Now that she’s bigger, those pieces have been tucked away into her little box of baby things. I like to imagine her finding all of the little hats and blankets I made her one day, with her own little one on the way.

Maybe she’ll be crocheting things of her own by then,  maybe she’ll give these pieces new life. Either way, I know the memories and love wrapped up in those stitches.

I hope with this pattern, you’re able to create something with the same sentiment for your little one.

Make it with love and hopes of the future, keep their head and tiny ears warm while making sweet memories, and then pass it on to the next little one, or tuck it away to be found in years to come. crochet beginner hat

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Free Crochet Baby Hat Pattern


Size Chart





12 in

4.5 in


14 in

6 in

3-6 mo

17 in

7 in

6-12 mo

18 in

7.5 in


19 in

8 in


4 in x 4 in = 32 st x 22 rows

This pattern is a beginner friendly pattern. It consists of basic crochet stitches and provides thorough photos, however it does involve a bit of counting, for this reason I’d recommend using stitch markers.

Stitch Key

Ch- chain

Sc- single crochet

Slst- slip stitch

Hdc- half double crochet

Hdc 3rd loops - half double crochet in the third loop only (video below to clarify)

St- stitch

Special Stitches

To create the bobble, work 1 sc, ch 3 and then slst back into the same stitch, when working the next row, make sure that you push the bobble to the front and work the stitches behind the bobbles so that they all face out in the same direction. See photos below.

Free Baby Hat Crochet Pattern Start Crochet


This pattern is written in standard US crochet terms

All rows are worked in the round and end with a turn UNTIL working on the brim

If your child is in between sizes, I  suggest going with the bigger size and folding the brim over for longer wear.

Crochet Beanie Hat Sizing Template (free Printable) - Start Crochet

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Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below! 

Happy crocheting!! 

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